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Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
I just had some fun adding an English Electric streamer and upgraded my ethernet cable to Audioquest Vodka (12 meters).  Its been transformative.  My digital is very close to my analogue.  Excellent upgrade recommended by upscale audio.  
Vinyl static ionizers who's used them?
I went from the dstat 3 to the ds audio ionizer and it’s a noticeable upgrade.   There’s more music.     
DS Audio Ionizer for analog Playback
I have it.  It works.  I won’t play a record without it.  A must have.     
Stromtank S2500 mk II
anyone actually hear it?  I had battery powered components and they always sound incredible so I was going to jump on this but then I realized, its still AC - not DC, so do not know how it will sound compared to DC battery powered gear.    
3-Dimensional Soundstage
@lonemountain - I agree 100% which is why I went with stats in my 12 X 16 (small) room.  No first order reflections.  Also, as for room size and bass, problem, in my opinion, can only be solved by applying real eq (parametric, not graphic) at, pro... 
3-Dimensional Soundstage
I had a beautiful 3-d soundstage before.  Its just better, now (should be with a $60k preamp)I didn't say it generated it, what it does is reveal it.  My prior preamp was a Jeff Rowland Criterion and it was excellent, but bested by the Soulution 7... 
3-Dimensional Soundstage
Having that immersive 3-d experience is the ultimate goal for an audiophile.  As many said above, you need a good system, a good room, take care of vibrations & room acoustics, and have a good if not great recording.  I believe that the most c... 
Furutech DeMaga v Acoustic Revive RL-30 Mk III LP Demanitizers
Mail me a record, I'll demag it for you and send back UPS/overnight.    
Furutech DeMaga v Acoustic Revive RL-30 Mk III LP Demanitizers
Yes. I just looked at your rig.  You have to get this.  Return it if you don’t like it but you will keep it.  Small expense for your system and you will hear difference immediately.  Must have for serious vinyl players.    
Furutech DeMaga v Acoustic Revive RL-30 Mk III LP Demanitizers
I can only speak for the Demag and it’s incredible.  I use it on every lp and the improvement is staggering.  It actually removes the sound between tracks.  Totally destroys the noise floor.   Stupid expensive and worth every penny.   
What do you put underneath floorstanding speakers?
Stillpoints Ultra 5  Truly amazing.   
Best Fortune Cookie Fortune Ever
On my third with a girl, our fortune was, "you and you're wife will be very happy together".  We got engaged that night over the cookie and were married 2 months later.  (Okay, divorced 5 years later; we were married for 5 years but the wind/chill... 
Why didn't I sell my vinyl rig?
My digital is Aurender N10 + Esoteric K03 My vinyl is JR Transrotor + SME V + Air Tight Supreme PC 1 + Allnic H3000 My digital sounds excellent but the vinyl does blow it away. Vinyl has more of a presence.  More emotional connection with the mu... 
Innovative Autio in NYC just hung up on me
Thanks everyone.  I was away on business.  This was resolved.  They reached out to apologize.  I still won’t buy it from them as I’m a one strike guy but they did call and apologize and offer the unit to me.  All good.    
Innovative Autio in NYC just hung up on me
She did have a loud voice, but she was yelling on top of that, which made it worse.  All she had to do was put me on hold and look it up.  She was rude and nasty.