Roger Waters Amused to Death LP what is it worth$

LP and not CD

I was wondering where one can get this LP, and how much is a mint copy worth in US dollards?

I think there was only European/Dutch copys ever made, not sure how many were made.

Also, are they Audiophile vinyl quality?

Have the CD, played it lots when I got back in 93.
When I was at Mike L's place the LP was so stunning that I want to get the LP as well. The LP belonged to Steve Dobbins and it was the first release of the LP.
The problem is that I do not want to buy a fake-bootleg of the original.

Solong, Thanks for great the link. It is a good one.

Thanks for the help.
I am huge Pink Floyd fan since before most people had even heard of the band. After twenty years I'm still trying to like Amused to Death. I understand the market forces at work, it is just not one I would spend that kind of coin on. I would suggest buying the CD first unless one is already familiar with the album. There are certainly much better ways to invest. :-)
Here's a nice site with a lot of infos. At the end of the page there's a discography. This could help you to distinguish different offers.

Amused to Death

Meanwhile, a 180gr. reissue has been released, and lots of counterfeits are on the market.
Help !

Looking for a first edition copy of Roger Waters Amused to Death.
Can any fellow members send me info or pictures for what to look out for.
Ebay seems like one of the sources but I have read that fakes are being sold.

Thanks guys,
i've actually cataloged my cd collection and searched for all the "must have" albums. of the small percentage that are even on vinyl, 90%+ are long oop and prices start around $50-$100 each. i think the actually software would end up cost double what i'm willing to pay for a turntable. until they state re-releasing some of the music on vinyl, i'm just going to have to wait on the sidelines.
Roger Water's militant pacifism can become tiresome. But The Ballad of Bill Hubbard is quite moving. There are some interesting Q-sound effects on this album. Another option is The Columbia gold SBM CD, which sounds pretty good.
I had a look at ebay half a yr. ago. Prices were 60 EUR to 120 EUR for the LP then. So I decided to get the CD to test the music, bought one for 5EUR from ebay. I realized, that I did not like this record so much, so that saved me a lot of money ;-)

best regards, Hartmut

and this thread only helps to reinforce why i can't afford to get into vinyl. Sure, i could buy an awesome turntable/tonearm/cart and phono pre, but once i had to start buying albums..... :(

There have been many threads at Audiogon where people discuss paying $200.00, $300.00 and more for CD's or SACD's. When a particular piece of software is rare and difficult to find, the price gets inflated.

Don't let the price of one LP discourage you. For every $300.00 LP, there are tens of thousands for .25 cents to five bucks.
I can't afford a new $50K car, but I'd enjoy driving a new $16K compact car, or even a like-new, used one!
Kgturner, If you have access to a decent used record store you may stumble on this album and many other "collectibles" for a fraction of this price.
and this thread only helps to reinforce why i can't afford to get into vinyl. sure, i could buy an awesome turntable/tonearm/cart and phono pre, but once i had to start buying albums..... :(

Just posting here you should get offers for it. I don't need three copies but there are a lot of people with no copies that would like to have one.
Albert, I've got a beautiful copy of the same version that you own, paid quite a pretty penny for it a year or so ago (sealed, UK dealer), and would be willing to part with it for the right price. Don't you need at least 3 copies of this LP (Roger Waters "Amused to Death")? :-)

Hope you are well.
I can't answer that Macalan25. I've only heard the UK version that I have open. As I said in my response, it's a cut above in quality when compared to the mass of rock and roll albums on the market.

As for price, it's worth whatever you think it's worth. I would not sell mine for the $325.00 that Ebay fetched. It's not that I think mine is special , just that I like it a lot and don't want to loose it.

I have an original Beatles Butcher Block with the shrink still on it. I'm told it's worth $1000.00 or more. Problem is I could spend that money and never know where it went. The memories of leaving school and finding that Beatles LP that day would be ruined if it were gone.
I see the sony open copy just sold on ebay ..
seller says NM sold August 09, 08 for app $325.00

just wondering if there is a sonic difference between the Sony/UK/Dutch copy??


i've got the original sony opened and unopened. sounds about the same as the japanese mini-disc CD. only pay what its you.
Hey Albert, If you need someone to break in that unused copy for you, I'm the man for the job!
A friend of mine bought a sealed copy last year from a collector, I don't know what he paid.

I have two copies, one I play and one is sealed as backup. I bought both when this LP was released in 1992. The cover on both my copies have a sticker on the shrink that reads:

Limited Edition 2 Album Vinyl Set Mastered Direct to Lacquer from Original Analog Tapes.

Both are marked "Made in England" I don't see anything in the art work that specifies how many pressings constitute "Limited Edition."

It's an extremely quiet pressing and very dynamic. I like Pink Floyd and Roger Waters, so this is an important LP for me personally. Funny thing is, when I bought these they cost $24.95 each and one of my friends thought I was crazy to spend so much money, especially for the back up copy.
I had a sealed copy, made in Holland; sold it on eBay 5 or 6 years ago for a little over $300. (Of course, that was before the dollar was worthless.) YMMV.