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The Palladian-A step beyond
We do machine these screws ourselves - you can’t find them anywhere else.I'm using titanium screws to mount my cartridge(s) for a while. You can find them quite easily as Grade 2 (pure Titanium, medium solidity) or Grade 5 (alloy Ti6AI4V, high sol... 
AS Aquilar v.s Brinkman 10.5 tone arms - which one?
Hello byrdparis,Honor to your attitude not to bother yet unknown people. In this case I’m sure, you would be welcome. But maybe heradot will detect this thread and chimes in by himself. Be reminded that your initial question was concerned with th... 
AS Aquilar v.s Brinkman 10.5 tone arms - which one?
Hello Monsieur byrdparis,I can’t answer your questions precisely, because I’m running an AS AXIOM instead of an AQUILAR, with an AIWON cartridge. Moreover, my former tonearm was an FR-66s. I’m not familiar with your Brinkmann 10.5.Just a hint: you... 
Verdier Platine; arm pods?
The user heradot is the owner. Here you go 
Where to find uni din protractor
The UNI DIN geometry is a distinguishing feature of the SMARTractor only. There are no other protractors providing this tangential curve. If you want your cartridge aligned this way, you have to use the SMARTractor. 
Thales Simplicity tonearm review in Stereophile.
the turntable is not listedI guess they use a Brinkmann LaGrange with tubed power unit. 
Basis dealer in Europe
In Switzerland at least there is Hifi Studio Sigrist. Mr. Sigrist offers Basis tables since several years. 
Keith Monks cleaning machine questions
When the vacuum pump is on, the thread motor is unwinding thread from its reel very slowly so that the nozzle can continuously suck in small sections of the thread together with the fluid. Then you have always clean thread between nozzle and groov... 
Micro Seiki, or TW AC-1
I do own a Raven AC 2 since 2007. Did six modifications on it so far. Can't imagine to hear it in it's stock state again. I use the battery driven motor controller as well. But i can't say whether it has speed stability or not - because i can't se... 
is it safe to clean records with isopropanol ?
I started to clean stubborn dirty LPs with a 9.6 % ammonia solution. A bit inconvenient to apply so a careful procedure is required, but the cleaning results are amazing. I put it directly on the vinyl, brush the discs for about five minutes, then... 
Picture Thread
Wow! Two Vibraplanes one above the other. You must have the time to try things out. What is it doing to the performance? 
Record Cleaning Machine - Loricraft PRC-3 vs. 4?
Syntax is absolutely right concerning the build quality of the Keith Monks RCM. I've bought a Mk. II model last year on eBay. Made in 1996. It used to be part of a record shop. Aside of slight cosmetic flaws, the machine is working properly like o... 
Turntable speed accuracy
Dear Halcro,your new experience with a thread driven Raven sounds good. Next, you could try this:- disassemble the three feet from both of your motor housings- set up the housings flat on some kind of damping mat (a piece of anti-drone mat for was... 
Some tables have soul and some not
Soul = Good Vibrations!? 
LP world catalog - does one exist?
discogs would be another source of information.