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Canned Heat Live at the Kaliedescope Lounge
Lilith is the Russian re-ish label, are these russian Vinyl have any good depth or audiophile quality to them, , or u just happy to have a version of the Cann heat LP 
Island LP Original pink label Big I or Pink Rim
I just Bought Free from the UK in Th Big II'm looking forward, and will report back in 2 weeksThanks 
Please recommend a good recording oMozart Requiem
I just heard MOZART Requiem WIENER Philharmoniker BOHM DG Mathis Hamari Ochman on CD and its was AMAZING,It's also on DG Vinyl does anyone know if it was ever on RED Tag DG or with Tulip label, WTB 1st Press copy Thanks 
I find that cleaning used records very difficult
Hi Could you please explain in detail the Steam clean method, plus were did U get the Steamer? either here or thanks 
Need to downsize Isoclean for LCd tv and H Theater
Actually I was looking for some advise, on the overkill unit I now own, and was hoping that someone would come up with an $200-$300 unit that would do a good job if even needed, Oh Yeah also have my Mirage PBS 400 Sub hooked up to this Isoclean.As... 
If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl which ones
Pink Floyd DSOTMAmused to Death/Roger WaterSister DrumAstral weeksIf I could only remember my name/CrosbyKind of BlueWalkin/ Miles DavisBrilliant Corners/ Thelonious MonkMichel Portal /TurbulanceFamous Blue RaincoatPurcell O Solitude /Deller Conso... 
How many Lp do U have more than 5 of the Same
To TjnifMy answer to your question is, that most of my record collection is from the 60-70, and none of mine were bought by me @ that time of release. So most of my LP are used. I buy an Lp and listen to it and make notes as to its quality sound, ... 
component cones/spikes vs. rubber
I found that Aurios 1.1 work great with a 2"or 3" maple wood base.They usually cost around $150.00 or less. Bang for the buck.I did used these under all my tube gear.TodayNow have moved over to Finite Cerapucks and Cerabase $375.00 and up per set.... 
$500-$1000 to spend on a used CD player
Class "A" Sony XA7ESadd some Aurios 1.1 under it and your done.I owned this for 5 years, then went to Meitner EMM labsawsome machinecheap $500/$600 maxcheersP 
Audio valve challenger thoughts
HiI owned the Baldur 70 mono blocks, back in 2005I can say that I was a Krell guy for years, and when I heard these I bought them on the spotThey were amazing, a tube midrange with a Krell bass slamgreat amps , don't know about pre-ampsor the Chal... 
turntable recommendations for a vinyl newbie...
Lenco 75..... watch for them on the gon they are suppose to be a great bang for the $$$, try to get one that Jean Nantais has re done.. just a thought 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
Has to be from SS to Valves & from some SACD to Expensive Original Vinyl. 
How much Watts for a 20 x 20x 9 Foot Room
can you post the HSU Research site, I'll post link if you need it, has a room size calculator.I don't really like that loud just a very good tight Bass like 25 Hz or lowerthat would be greatmy room also has all LP on 1 side of the wall and also ki... 
I do Have 2 Lp with " Keith Dont Go" and nothing touches the synergy that Acoustic Live has on CDHappy Easter 
Is A Live Concert Stereo Or Mono
The equation for real is not solved by being some kind of audio cyclops with a single ear growing out of your forehead.I love it, that is Great English.