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Apogee Acoustics repair
My Divas were build by TrueSoundWorks. Absolute world class speakers. My Wilson Maxx II have been sitting since the Divas showed up, Will sell my Maxx's. Rich is a great person to deal with.  
Have you heard darTZeel Amplifiers
Have had the darTZeel amp for at least 10 years. Best amp for my Wilson Maxx II. Very happy with this combo.    
Need your recommendation on a 5 or 7 channel amp
See if you can find a BAT VK 6200, great for home theater. 
Apogee Acoustics repair Is it a waste of money to rebuild a pair of Duetta Signature's
I had Diva's built by TSW and they are terrific . Spendy maybe but you would need to spend 2-3 times more to get a better speaker. Need a good amp to drive them. 
cost no object integrated amps
ASR Emitter Exclusive Blue version would be on my list. Owned it for many years. Very nice in many ways. 
How a pair of Mark Levinson ML2 stands with the best amps today ?
Thanks to all for talking me into it. 
How a pair of Mark Levinson ML2 stands with the best amps today ?
Thanks very much for your reply.Take care and stay safe,Mike 
How a pair of Mark Levinson ML2 stands with the best amps today ?
GeorgeOpinion on using the ML-2 on True Sound Works Diva's.My Classe dr3b works really well therefore my thought of the ML-2.Thanks 
RIP Art Dudley
Art was one of the great writer, enjoyed his humor and well written articles. Started to take interest when he started Listener, then moved on to Stereophile.His articles was always the first to be read in Stereophile.He will be dearly missed .RIP  
DartZeel CTH-8550 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Mononlocks
The dart is the way to go. If you want to read specs then go ahead and read all you want. If you want to listen to music then dart is the way to go. 
small footprint Class A mono blocks and pre amplifier
Nice combo Pass Labs Zero with an XP30. Sweet.You should enjoy this set up for a long time, congrats. 
small footprint Class A mono blocks and pre amplifier
Look for the older Pass Labs Mono bocks, Aleph, Zero etc.Also the Classe DR3 and DR3 HC have a small footprint.GL 
Recently picked up a 23.5 in mint shape and IMHO it is more musical and more engaging than my old ML gear. Had the 33, 33h and the 335 which sounded clinical after trying out the ASR Emitter. The 23.5 is still singing and is a keeper. 
dissapointed - new LS50w's vs old PioneerFS52's/Luxman R113 - so far Kef's not so great?
@ audiocanadaHave the LS50 passive and they need a break in period of 200-300 hours.Have made some heavy trapezoid concrete stands for the Kef's. Have had them powered with a variety of amplifiers ranging from a Nait 5, NAD 3020, darTZeel, Wyetech... 
Krell versus Pass Labs
Hey RobTook delivery of my Truesoundworks DIVA's. Crazy good speaker. Wondering which amp you decided to go with. Have four amps, my Dart is great up to about 83db, the the big red light blinks at me. Ok that does work.Have an ML 23.5, Clase DR-3b...