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Audio Alchemy DDS pro, Theta Digital Pearl or EAD
I have not compared these to each other. I owned the Theta Pearl and was quite pleased with it, as it was an audible upgrade from what I'd been using before. However, I eventually replaced the Pearl with a Theta Jade, and got an easy-to-hear impro... 
Selecting headphones and a headphone amp
Do a lot of reading at head-fi.org. Good luck. 
Numbskull Headphone Tweak
Maybe they should change the name of the headphones to 'Numbskull Candy.' 
Help with used records.
Acetone. It is available in art supply stores and doesn't harm the surface that the sticker is on. I use it all the time. (WD-40 works similarly, but is a b*tch to control the spray and clean up.) 
New CDP or new DAC?
I'd recommend a new CDP. My experience has been that the performance of a decent DAC can be very transport-dependent. An average/budget CDP does not have a transport that will get the most out of a high quality DAC. 
dedicated power line
And don't forget to put those little stands under all the wires. 
CD isolation platfroms
I had tremendous improvement in clarity and focus by putting a First Impression Music (FIM) isolation platform (2 pieces with ball bearings in between)under a Theta Jade CD transport. Very big difference! There is one available on Audiogon right n... 
question regarding diy anticables ple
It's not just bare wire; the red coating is the equivalent of a protective jacket. You need to remove an inch or so of the red coating at the wires' ends using sandpaper or steel wool.I just went through this myself. The posts on my speakers were ... 
Who makes platform base with ball bearings
I have a two-piece wood platform with ball bearings between the two levels under my CD transport-- made a HUGE improvement in sound. Manufacturer is First Impression Music. 
What is a decent first portable player ?
I was responding to the missing "a."Merry Christmas! 
What is a decent first portable player ?
That's actually head-fi.org. Lots of discussion of all of the above, plus tons of used gear for sources, iem's and amps. Good luck. 
recording shows from cable TV?
I'm pretty sure that you can record a show on your DVR (for ease of initial "capture"), and then output it to a DVD recorder. 
Using headphone output from an intergrated amp
I have been into headphones for many years and owned many different headphones and dedicated headphone amps. I also happen to own the Pioneer A35R and the Senn 280 Pro's.The headphone out on the Pioneer is dreadful. You may not think so, but if yo... 
Canada Rocks: 70s lost lps pt 2...
Chilliwack, anyone? 
More hifi in TV ads
Not if I have to watch Fox News.