Ribbon speakers


I'm looking for a great set of bookshelf speakers that use Ribbon tweeters.

What brand and models are good?

You don't see a lot of speakers with ribbons these days. One company that does feature them is Selah Audio.
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One of the more interesting examples out there is the Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Monitor. Two side firing 4.5" drivers cross to a folded ribbon tweeter. I use these (with a sub, they only go down to app. 100 hz) as the outboard sound system for my digital piano. They're small, nicely finished, reasonably priced (though not cheap) and sound quite good.

An older example (vintage +/- 1998) of this tweeter type can be found in the Red Rose (Mark Levinson) ribbon monitor. The original (ribbon tweeter extends upward from the baffle) is very good - if not particularly neutral by high end standards - with unusual bass output for such a small box. I haven't heard the later version with the tweeter set into the box, but I've been warned that they're not in the same league. I still use a pair of the older version in my bedroom.

Good Luck

The successor of the Red Rose R3 is not the Rosebud II because the dipole tweeter was missing due to split between Mark Levinson & Bo Bengtson.
The 2010 version is:

Transmission Audio M1i = $2950

Look no further!!!
All your snob hi-end visitors are going to eat their hearts out.

Several others not mentioned already include the LSA 1 statement, Salk HT 1, Legacy Studio HD (as well as the mentioned Victoria LE). JM Reynaud makes a ribbon monitor that I heard at a show once that was really nice but I don't remember the model. All of the previously mentioned choices seem to be worthy contenders also.
Just out of curiosity, what is it about ribbon tweeters that interests you?
Hi Valinar
Well, I like bookshelf speakers some because of how they can image and are small in my small living room (11x22) I have a powered sub to use if I want too.
I picked up a pair of Apogee ribbon speakers on Craigslist and like them, the ribbons are very quick and real sounding.
The Apogee Centaurs mate well with my P-300 power amp, but are large and a little ugly (not the best WAF) So, I got thinking about some stand mount ribbons and wondered who makes them.
The extension of the Centaurs in the highs are something to hear,but their ribbons are 26" long and that may be why they sound so dang good and life like.
It could be the smaller ones won't please me, but ,I thought I would ask around and research possibilities....

So, in answer to your question, it would be their openness that I love.

Thanks for everyone's suggestion too,I'm going to look at everything suggested.
Look for a loudspeaker using a Ribbon from RAAL or Raven. These are the better ribbon transducers about today. And with a ribbon loudspeaker or any loudspeaker no crossovers going to compensate for a poor designed cheaply assembled ribbon which exist in legion..
It is quite possible that a two way bookshelf speaker with a traditional midbass driver and ribbon tweeter may not sound as similar to the Apogees as you may like. I have listened to Legacy's latest bookshelf offering, the Studio HD. It was at their factory showroom driven by a Cary integrated. It sounded harsh to my ears. I'm not knocking ribbon tweeters out of hand. Years ago I had a pair of ESS Heil bookshelf speakers -10" woofer along with the Heil "air motion transformer" (a ribbon driver)- a fine speaker I wish I would have held on to. I guess my point is, listen before you buy and match source and amp accordingly. All the best.

Please check out Nola Micro or Metro Grand Reference speakers. The Micros are awesome. I used to have Apogee Duettas and the Nolas are by far a superb speaker.


Another vote for the original Infinity Modulus. It used Infinity's time proven Emit ribbon tweeter and sounds effortless. I have two pair of them and they are extremely detailed and musical.
Check out the Sonist Concerto 2. They're efficient, easy to drive, and sound fantastic!
I owned the LSA1 Statements for a couple of months and loved them; only sold them because I had the itch to hear the Merlin TSM in my system. The LSA1 Statement is really worth a listen... talk to Walter at Underwood HiFi.
I wish to add a late note to this discussion, because in 2016, many top bookshelf and many floorstanding speakers are using ribbons.  The modern version have tamed the electronic tweeter to make it desired in high end speakers.  On the lower end is HTD which uses ribbons in their top line.  I have the Swans M1 and the M1B that I built, and they have replaced all other speakers in my home, and always will.  I've sold some better Monitor Audio and Polk bookshelf speakers, and gave away some mid-priced Polk speakers I never used.  However, my main fronts on my surround system are Paradigm Monitor 11s because the size of the drivers do count for movies.
You might take a look at Newform Research.  A variety of ribbons in 15in, 30in and 45in lengths.  Unusual setup but work well.  I have owned two different pairs.  Imaging is and resolution is great.

Problem with ribbon tweeters is that the mid range unit needs to be very fast to keep up with them. I have yet to hear a two way that sounds coherent, because the mid/bass driver is always too slow.

So the ideal setup would be a 3 way that uses a very fast 3" or 4" small midrange unit, then the bass driver can be a good 6" or 8' or even 10" unit.

Cheers George