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Tape Out as Subwoofer Output?
Hey guys, I thought I would add something here.I have a 1959 vintage Sherwood S-5000 el84 stereo based tube integrated amplifier. It has tape out,called tape record.Well, it is a variable out put and I'm running my M&K off it.So, some older tu... 
Songs that Inspire or Move you
EasyThe Safety Dance. By Men without Hats.ANDThe Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 
Class D amps,bang for your buck ones
Thread update.I use a few amps with a few different speakers.Last year I bought a Crown XLS-1500 class D amp and it's wonderful. I like it better than the W4S , more extended and airy top end. These are around 300 dollars used. Cheers! 
are all Miniwatt N3 amps the same?
HiI bought one of these from Amazon for $208.00, with free 2 day shipping. (Amazon PRIME) I rolled in some Gold lion el84's and some NOS driver tube and WOW! Cats meow...I use it as a power amp, with an Accuphase C-200 preamp and Martin Logan LX16... 
Compare REL Model Lines
I had an R528, I got it half off from an Audio Dealer who was going out of biz in Seattle. I thought it was going trounce my T2 and it didn't...Ya, it made more was a good sub dont get me wrong. The T2 was faster and tighter. IMO 
Martin Logan Motion 15 speakers....any good?
They're VERY good...I picked up some Martin Logan Motion LX16 and they are special. 
Review: M&K V-75 mkII Subwoofer
Well,here's a reply 11 years later...hehe.I picked this up for $29.00 at a Salvation Army store. It works perfect. I have a REL T2 and a Martin Logan 10" to compare. The REL is just awesome, actually I had a more expensive larger REL, an R-528 and... 
Why not horns?
The new JBL Studio 530 monitors are EXCELLENT! 
small speakers for small room
I second the JBL Studio 530 speakers, they are awesome! and not "just for the money" either. 
Advent Model 300 tuner/receiver
That would make a cool computer amp if you needed one. 
Pro audio amp vs. residential amp
My experience has been the Crown XLS1500 sounds superb with all my speakers. I've found the amp to be extremely revealing and delicate with gobs of power. A full and totally open sound. Very similar to my el34 based amp, but with much better grip ... 
Pro audio amp vs. residential amp
I purchased a Crown XLS 1500 amp at Guitar Center (30 day money back) about 3 weeks ago.It has boat loads of clean power and is dynamic and detailed. I like it, and it cost $350as they matched Amazons price. It's quiet, I don't hear the fan at all... 
NAD C315 BEE vs. Trends TA-10?
The Trends is the best of the T-amps I tried. It's freaking AMAZING! 
NAD 304 - Best SS amp ever?
I bought a Trends TA-10.1 used on eBay, and it's easily the best amp I've owned. But there is power limitations, I got some ADS L-780's and this pairing is stuff dreams are made of. I'm a HUGE Trends Audio fan now...WOW! 
NAD 304 - Best SS amp ever?
A good Tripath amp will ruin a lot of NAD owners...fantastic sound for peanuts.