Review : Emerson ER-7001 Am/Fm radio. Return of the radio king!

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January 2024 Mini Review


Move over, Tivoli, Emerson is nipping at your heels. If you are a fan of the Tivoli audio radio you might want to take a look at the Emerson ER-7001 radio. Both radios have similar features and looks, but the price is way different. The Emerson radio is currently selling for under $40. Both radios are similar in size. The Emerson has a telescopic antenna. Provisions on the rear provide for headphones, aux input and a detachable power cord. This allows you to use it with headphones or a CD player. I am reviewing it mainly for use as an outboard Am/Fm tuner with a high quality integrated amp and mini speakers. 

Listening to a local Jazz station I could tell that the Emerson radio was well engineered. It was quiet in the background and sniffed out stations just as well as a highly regarded separate classic Yamaha tuner. At times I heard a little richness to the sound. The highs were just about as crisp as I would want. Switching to a rock music station , the bass was good and the sound was clear and robust when used with a $100 interconnect. 

Part Two - Cd player running through the aux input

So what about the internal Emerson speaker? Is it any good? I am happy to report that the internal speaker is also of very good quality. A little bit of bass, good quality highs and the strong point being the vocal clarity. I see from the specs that they rated this radio at 2 watts of output. It plays pretty loud. 

The Emerson Corporation is back with a vengeance! I remember the Emerson brand as a kid as I lusted after their low priced cool looking compact stereos. If they keep coming with products like this they will return to their former glory! Highly recommended. 


Nice review.   I thought Emerson bit the dust years ago like so many of the other American electronic company’s. I am curious how this relates to high end audio?

I read in a few stereo rags that audiophiles were using the Tivoli model one radio as an outboard Fm tuner in their home stereo systems. 

@honda6  - Over the years I've often used my Tivoli PAL as an am/fm tuner connected into my hi-fi rig. Pretty decent tuner. I also keep it because it has a rechargeable battery and I can use it if power is out.

@pmm Thanks for posting the forum link. Guess I missed it first time around. Count me one of "those."

I listen to two local NPR stations (WNCW,, WSGE) in the car. Only place to go to hear eclectic new music.  Can't tell you how many great obscure vinyl albums I've purchased due to this. And also, the "World Cafe" show is outstanding. 

We have a few HD stations that are pretty good, but other than listening to a ballgame, I haven’t listened to the radio in years.

Does this Emerson radio do HD?

Cool. I love cheap 'n' cheerful audio!  I have an old Sangean table radio with auxiliary input in the kitchen.  Got it free.  Just plug in your phone or DAP for tunes.  My earliest purchase was a Rat Shack table radio with wood cab and cloth speaker grill.  I had a friend add an auxiliary input when I went to college.  Got a cheap Longines Symphonette cassette player to complete my dorm room "system". worked.