Recommend Good Headphones for Traveling

I'm going to Europe for the first time in some years and looking for a rec on good compact traveling headphones. Something compact, I have a pair of Beyer-Dynamics that are just too big, and hopefully not very expensive. In the process of saving for new speakers and I don't travel a ton so the cheaper the better. Thinking ear buds would be just too uncomfortable for an 8 hour flight. Thanks in advance for your help!
Dunno whether this is still actual or not, but I am planning to purchase Jabra Elite Active 65t, I find a good recommendation on them at one of travel forums , I love the characteristics and the design in general, never tried in-ear type of headphones, it will be my first experience.
somehow my post about this was not published......Entymotics....not expensive, but excellent ear buds
@jl35 They are closed backs the T70P model nice phones they just seem a tad bulky to me but not impossible to lug around Italy for 12 days I suppose.
Thanks for the recs guys love that we span the gamut from $3.21 to $199! @akg_ca Those look like pretty cool earbuds the weight is a tad off putting despite reviewers stating its not an issue. Looking on the M&D site the ME03 looks like the exact same buds minus the brass body and for $159 could be the way to go.
If your Beyers are closed, I would take them. I always take my big, closed Audio Technica ATH-M50's on long trips and never regretted it...I always think I should take something smaller, but always find room...can't imagine ear buds for 8-12 hours...
Hello jond -
If you haven’t visited it, check out the "Absolute Best Budget Earbuds" thread on  See link here:

AND if you can get past the price (and if there is sufficient time before you travel) order some of these from FastTech (or somewhere closer if you can)...

Philips SHE3800
I am sure the M&D MH-40 are good but they are just as big as my Beyers I was looking for something more compact.
Master & Dynamic MH-40

The great reviews did not meet my personal audition surprise.
I already had the BEYERDYMICs that are superb, and these bested them....impressed enough to buy them 

The very top-shelf build quality that dwarfs the contenders and pretenders 

They also have a high-end inner ear monitor for the earbud crowd.

highly recommended 

I have a decent pair of earbuds already is the compressed foam something I can get separately? I am not sure what brand they are which may complicate things however.
I have no problem wiht the comressed foam earbuds, plus, VERY good noise isolation.