Time traveling to the San Diego audiophile scene, circa 2000

Audiophiles are sound lovers! "Its literally true!"
Now that's what I call a niche bumper sticker!

Very nice article. I was a member of the SDMAG ( i still am, I think??) and the article gave me some good memories. John Thomas was a great guy, sad that he is no longer with us.
Today, Stereo Design is no more, Bruce is still at Stereo Unlimited and still as busy as ever, and Soundsmith cables were in good demand for awhile, and then seemed to have disappeared. Dow stereo is long gone ( good riddance, IMO) and the CES seems to have become a non-entity. Nineteen years have gone by...and we are still about as crazy as portrayed in the article, LOL.

One thing for sure, my system is a whole lot better today than it was back then!