Question About Linear Power Supplies and Streamers

I’m looking for opinions regarding potential benefits of adding a linear power supply to my server/streamer. If I’m only using the digital output from the streamer, would I realize any benefits from adding the LPS?  My streaming setup is router to Innuos Zenmini Mk II connected by ethernet, with Ayre QB9 DSD dac connected by USB to the streamer which is in turn connected to my integrated amp through the dac’s balanced outputs.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
A good LPS is usually quite beneficial to a server. And DAC. And other front end components. But other changes might have equal or greater benefits such as cables, isolation, etc.
I tacked on a Sbooster LPS to my Auralic Aries Mini which is about 4 times larger than the Mini itself. A very nice improvement in sound quality for not very much $$.
Hard to tell.  Most of the time linear power supply is better, but well designed SMPS can be much quieter - just look at some companies like Rowland or Benchmark that would not use linear supplies because they are too noisy.
Check out ifi iPower series.
Pretty affordable, conveniently small and replaced my big Astron in my DAC and the wall wart for my streamer. 

To me, the issue is often not just the noise they reduce, and the current they provide, but whether or not they put noise back into the AC line.
in my opinion the uptone psu is far superior than the ifi psu. The Sbooster psu is kinda falls between the uptone and the ifi. You cannot go wrong with either three of them. If it is my system, I will pick the Sbooster psu
I have a Swagman Labs LPS for my Innuos Mini. Once it settled in, it sounded better the the switching thing it came with.  Then I found a Synergistic Blue fuse I forgot I had and put that in the Swagman. Huge improvement. My dac is the Denefrips Pontus. It's worth looking into.
I added a Mojo Illuminati for my Roon Nucleus and it was very much worth the investment.  Improvement in every area.