Quality RCA Switchbox

Does anyone know of a quality RCA switchbox that will accept several RCA stereo inputs and have one pair of RCA outputs so I can use several sources with a preamp with only 3 line level inputs?

Same question applies to digital sources; any digital switchboxes for coaxial sources that have a coaxial output so multiple coaxial digital sources can be routed to the single coaxial input of a DAC?
I'm looking for something like that myself for use in my Father's system, but i don't think i'm going to find anything of the calibre that i want. Most of the switchboxes that i've seen are very low grade and degrade the sonics of the system.

As far as digital switching goes, i've not looked for anything like that. I know that there are optical switchboxes, but i don't know about coaxial. Sean
David Hadaway at DB Systems is apparently still selling his DBP-2J/5 passive switch box (5 pairs of inputs, one pair of outputs), for $88. A version with gold-plated jacks goes for $110. Just got a packet of literature from him about 3 months ago. No web site, but try dbsys@att.biz or call (603) 899-5121. Worth a look. Good luck, Dave
I was out touring Manley Labs (Chino, CA) a few months back, and EveAnna showed me a prototype of a very high quality RCA switchbox. You might contact her about whether it is available as yet.




Complete mono structure with each channel encased in a separate chassis.

Rigid and compact aluminum chassis construction to ensure quick and smooth release of vibrations.

Separate grounding for each position.

Point-to-point hand wiring with 0.4 m/m solid OFC copper wire.


Input : 4 positions, unbalanced

Output : 2 pairs, unbalanced

Dimensions : 170(w) x 40 (h) x100(d) m/m


Any associated components with RCA connectors.
Thanks all; am following up on DB Systems (already have a ten year old one) and with Mapletree. Their selector box looks useful.

I was looking at digital switching boxes. Best I came up with is a Midiman unit that retails for 250. It has multiple XLR/Toslink/Coaxial inputs and can convert any of these to one of the three digital formats for output. So, if anybody needs a decent digital switching box this one may be a candidate.

Anybody know of a quality digital switching box that will accept the three diff interfaces and convert them to XLR and/or coaxial other than the Midiman?
Jena Labs makes these to order, well built with high quality parts. A member here, Mike Lavigne uses one.
Hi Mes,

I just enquired with Jena Labs about a custom-made switchbox similar to the one Mike Lavigne uses and they quoted me between $6000-7,000. A bit rich for my blood, but I am sure they are fantastic. I might have to look at the manley SkipJack instead which uses sealed relays and sells for around $900.

Enjoy the music,