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Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
The bass response of the 5s and 7s are so accurately refined that the idea of adding anything to them is as repulsive to me as someone painting a sidebar on a Rembrandt. The uniqueness of Richard's solution is the extraordinary flexibility for spe... 
Vandersteen 7 at Audio Connection
Buconero,I am interested in hearing the 7s and envey those of you that have. The reviews suggest these are a significant step above the 5As and quite special in the Vandersteen tradition. Where did you hear them? Were you able to A/B the 7s with t... 
Good cheap anti-static spray?
Try Pledge Multi Surface which is an electronics cleaner with an anti-static formula. 
Vandy quatro vs Vandy 5’s
Both of these are excellent speakers. The 5's, however, would outperform the Quatros in a larger room due to the size of the subs and drivers. If your room is larger than 2000 cu ft, I would recommend the 5's. 
Graham Phantom MK2 with Micropoise question
I agree with Audiolui. Level the table and the Micropoise will tell you when the arm is level, and give you a good starting point for fine tuning the VTA. When you get VTA dialed in, note the position of the bubble wrt to the indicator lines. You ... 
Vinyl pops and clicks: Can they be eliminated??
Skipping on a record is not always because of inadequate care. There can be setup and alignment problems, incompatibilities between the cartridge and arm, floor and room resonance issues etc. Once a groove is damaged, it will repeat itself. 
AC Outlet w/ Clairity, Trasparency, Bass Weight
It seems reasonable to assume that if changing anything between the audio equipment and the power at the main panel makes such a dramatic degree of improvement, there must be something very unusual (read non standard) about the basic AC line volta... 
Vandersteen 7 Flagship at CES
Randy's listening room and set ups are always exceptional, and I have listened to his successful mating of ARCs and Vandersteens for over 20 years. Looks like I need to plan a trip to Santa Monica soon. 
quartz as shelving
Hard surfaces can work well as shelving as long as they are bonded securely to an acoustically inert substance such as MDF. As always it will depend on the weight and type of equipment you are placing on them as well. This is an area for experimen... 
AudioQuest DBS Field
Some have suggested that a test of the DBS can be conducted by listening with the battery connected and then disconnected. Stereophile tried that approach and heard no difference. Audioquest countered that such a test would not reveal anything sin... 
Speakers with deep base
The ability to produce "deep and abundant" bass in a room is a combination of the speaker design/performance and the room design/performance. At one point some years back, I had Vandersteen 2CIs in an 18' x 35' room with a cathedral ceiling and th... 
room placement question
Yes, you should be concerned. There have been numerous threads by people who have imaging problems caused by asymetric rooms, especially where the side walls are not the same distance, length or material. I would strongly recommend you avoid that ... 
Additional armwand for Graham Phantom?
The arms fit with high repeatable precision thus geometry will stay the same. However, clearly you will still have to adjust VTF, VTA and azimuth for the other cartridge. 
Phantom B44 overhang concern
Fld, your cartridge screws are almost exactly where mine are for the same arm. I would not be concerned. 
Vandersteen Quatro / Model 5 Crossovers
I assume you are referring to the external high pass filters? These are different than the crossovers internal to the Quattro/5A. Both have 9v batteries. The external high pass filter battery is very straighforward to change as described above, an...