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I need a recommendation for long(er) cables
Blue Jeans:https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/audio/index.htm 
How much do large Vinyl collections go for these days?
It's like a large collection of anything.  The dealers will cherry pick the good stuff and trash (or not take) the rest.  You may as well skip the middle man and sell the good stuff on ebay and donate/trash the rest.  Unless you have unlimited tim... 
You might ant to try an internet search. If you want a retailer, I can think of The Cable Co and Needle Doctor right off the top of my head. 
recommendations of phono preamps < $3000 range
There are a lot of Herron fanboys on this forum, and I am glad of it.  I bought one and it is great.  I would have considered the Parasound as well, but not available in Canada. 
What do I need for customs if purchased in Canada & ship to US?
Xpresspost USA and Expedited Parcel USA:Name, address and phone number of senderName, address and phone number of recipientNon-Delivery Instructions - (Return at Sender's Expense or Abandon)Reason for Export (Gift, Sale,Document,Repair/Warranty,Co... 
Interconnect cables for turntable
I'd go with the VPI as well.  Used them on my Scout, and still use one on my Oracle Paris.Looking to the future, I have the Ortofon's on my list to try. 
C7 power cable for Blu-ray player?
I made one with Belden 19364, a Furutech FI-11M(G) Plug and a FI-8N (G) C7 IEC. Works great.  I've had the Audioquest and wasn't impressed, but it was okay.  I also had Cardas Twinlink at one point and it was okay as well. 
Upgrading to an external Phonostages for my system
It really depends on your budget.  I just upgraded from a Trigon Vanguard / Volcano combination  to a Herron VTPH-2.  The Trigon combo is a great ~$1k phono stage.  The Herron is a great ~$4k phono stage.You can check out a review of the HK on the... 
Expressimo Audio "the LIFT" ....doesn't
They used to have a heavier weight you could buy.  I had to use one with my JMW-9. 
Speakers for Heavy Metal
I listen primarily to ambient/lounge/chill whatever and metal.Run some frequency sweeps.  Here is the one I use::http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_frequencychecklow.phpThe guy actually calls out the frequencies so you can see where your system ... 
Mogami speaker cables?
I have 3104 in my system and it sounds great.  I've never had any problems with 3103 either, and used it before I bought larger plugs I that were large enough fit the larger gauge of the 3104 twisted pairs.. 
Should a Jack and Coke be renamed a Lemmy
The one time I met Lemmy I believe he was having a beer.  Was this his favorite drink or something? 
What's the greatest bargain in audio racks these days?
I have the Archetype and don't have a problem with the Oracle Audio Paris I have have on it now. The VPI Scout I had previously transmitted considerable vibration through the wood, but I put that on the Scout, not the stand.I like that it is open ... 
Oracle Paris MK5 VS REGA Rp8?
I have a Paris, but I would echo the comment above.  The arm is quite good with the damping, but not to the same standard as the rest of the table.  I believe you can get the Paris built for any arm with a pivot to spindle less than 228mm.  Just m... 
Squeezebox quality
I found the Touch a bit better than the SB3, but I was really looking to use the EDO modified firmware to output to a DAC via USB, and that is how I use it now.If you have some old computer parts, I am told one can build a "Vortexbox", but there i...