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For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
Bricasti M5 is another streamer to consider, their M3 DAC can be configured with the built in streamer.   
Best Stereo Upgrade Value
everything matters. great speakers will not make a poor source or amplification sound good, but great source and amplification will get the most out of decent speakers. Which is better? I once placed my $15k Shindo system in my bedroom setup with ... 
Wilson Sasha DAW - Ideal Integrated Amp For Streaming
I replaced universally well received tube separates with a Goldmund Telos 7. I use one of the digital inputs so no dac required.  The primary limitation is only one analog input but otherwise it is superb.  
which turntable for the future?
Thales TTT slim 2 + easy tonearm  
Computer to DAC with no USB
A streamer will improve sound quality and most will have spdif outputs. Take a look at the ifi zen streamer and their website for information   
Internet Radio
KXLU college radio  Dr. Dick’s Dub Shack Naim Classical      
Any Harbeth users hear Fern and Roby Ravens?
I started with an LTA ZOTL 40 which did sound great but wanted to move away from burning NOS tubes and now really enjoying a Goldmund Telos 7 with integrated digital input and ASR phono preamp.  
Any Harbeth users hear Fern and Roby Ravens?
I haven't heard Harbeth speakers but have had a pair of Raven II's for about a year and have been very pleased with them.  They are articulate, respond well to upstream components, seem to roll with room placement limitations, and are beautifully ... 
Possibly Dumb Question re:Battery as a power supply
You should be able to get by with a much smaller battery.  Thales tables are battery powered with a pack that looks like 4 or 5 AA batteries. This is their description: The outstanding feature of the TTT-Slim II is the battery based power supply w... 
Wyred 4 Sound vs. Roon Nucleus
You might also look at smallgreencomputer,com , they are very helpful and sell a kit with a roon server, endpoint, and optional upgraded power supply. Also lots of good information on how to set it up 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
If you really want to find out if/how cables can improve YOUR system the cableco.com has a well stocked assortment of cables in their lending library to audition in your home.  Compare $100, $200, $2,000 cables and decide for yourself. I have no a... 
An unconventional approach to POWER MANAGEMENT
not specifically what you are asking but as part of a 1930's condo renovation I ran a new power feed from the main building panel replacing a 6 circuit box in the garage with a new 23 circuit panel in my 3rd floor unit with along with much of the ... 
I am looking for speaker(s) - probably Bluetooth for my shop.
Audioengine speakers have good options with bluetooth in that price range 
Has anyone hooked satellite radio to their system?
I enjoy SXM but unless things have changed the internet says sound quality is 128 kbps or worse which is ok but not CD quality. Also subscriptions provide internet access and additional programming via mobile device app as an alternative to a home... 
Table and arm combos in 13k range
I am also aspiring to get something in that price range and looking at the Thales Slim II. Does anyone have experience with this set up?https://www.thales-audio.com/products/ttt-slim-ii