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Quality RCA Switchbox
Try audiocubes ...website is www.audiocubes.com 
AC/DC remasters....
Live double definitely worth buying (again) , great recording with some good new stuff 
Sunfire amps
Sean,I would echo similar comments--don't change your previous approach. Novices like me need some tutoring on the finer points of audio, with some personal opinions thrown in, which are perfectly acceptable; that encompasses a significant amount ... 
Aerosmith's Honkin On Bobo
Agree wholehartedly with Hooper - best Aerosmith in years. If you like blues and early raw/rough Aerosmith, you will like the cd. Not to say its perfect, but better than the MTV stuff. Also, recommend Clapton's "Me and Mr. Johnson" but still like ... 
The Best Live album
Many great suggestions, especially Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal. Some of my favorites:Allman Brothers, Live at the Fillmore EastHumble Pie, Rockin The FilmoreBonnie Raitt, Road TestedEric Clapton , Crossroads 2SRV, box setACDC, Live and If you ... 
Power cord and Sony SCD-1
Does anyone know, is this true on the reversed polarity on the power cord with other Sony SACD players, like the 9000es? 
Problem with Adcom ACE 515
Kemp,I have 2 of these and I deleveloped that problem about 6 months ago in one of them. I did have it fixed -- a bad relay I believe. In some instances, it failed to turn them on also. About $100 to fix.