Qobuz stops playing via Roon.

Just set up Roon for a trial period and almost every song I play shuts off less than 15 seconds into each track. The Roon software is setup correctly as I'm logged into Qobuz.  I'm using Apple AirPad 2 with IOS 15 and streaming through a LUMIN T2.  The Roon is ON within the T2. The same issue happens even with my phone Roon app. Any help is appreciated.  
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I had a lot of problems with the BlueSound Node 2.  Some folks had good luck using a hardwire eithernet cable instead of WiFi, since Roon hires requires a lot of bandwidth.    Try a temporary set up and see it if it works.  If so, you have a solution to implement.   The cable for me didn't work but it could be due to the WiFi setup I had.   However, once I went to a Roon Neculus all the WiFi problems disappeared.

My Core is in the kitchen which joins the living room so about 15 feet away. 

Running on what is what I was looking for mostly. 
can you enable another device as end point and try to stream to it and see if same issues persist? This could be your ipad or phone. 
if that works then there's something with your device settings for the Lumin in Roon or in Lumin settings (Lumin app). Could be your wifi is weak if core is not wired. 

Oh sorry.  HP laptop with a 1TB hard-drive. My iPad and phone work just fine as a remote.  I do have a Wi-Fi extender for the LUMIN so do you think I should try to connect to it instead of the router? 

I was wondering if you enable your iPad as a roon end point it can be both the remote and end point (player). Try it that way. Then try Lumin native app and see if it also cuts out. May be you have a faulty Ethernet cable connected to Lumin?
I would also reboot all devices. Unplug wait for 20secs then plug it in. Do this with router, extenders, lumin

Also I should add that I rebooted laptop, router, LUMIN and iPad.  Started working better but then each song would stop about 75% into each track. Haven't screwed with it since.  I'm going to give it a little more time and if not better Roon is toast. Sick of messing with it and should be a more robust or simpler software in my opinion.  

Sounds like your network is a problem here. Do the speed test. Make sure your laptop running Core is hardwired to your router. Roon is pretty solid from network standpoint and should work fine. I run mine on mac mini with Lumin U1 Mini as end point via eero mesh and no issues to report here. 

Laptop isn't hardwired to the router. Maybe I should download the Roon software to the desktop which is but it's in a bedroom that's just off the listening area. Thanks in advance for your help :)

I had the same problem.  It was really frustrating having moved completely to streaming and never knew if / when I could enjoy my system.  Ended up buying a Small Green Computer -sonicTransporter i5 which took care of all my streaming issues.  During the process I moved my entire music collection from my NAS to an SSD internal to the i5.  It cost a little money but I could not be happier.  Andrew Gillis from SMG was also very responsive and great to work with. 


It’s very frustrating because my download speeds are 40 mbps. Have plenty of bandwidth for playback. Think I’ll try and download Roon on my desktop which is hard wired.

I may be mistaken but I don't think your download speed has a lot to do with your problem.  It is your local area network(inside your home)where your interrupts are happening.  Either memory on the computer running your Roon core and /or wireless interrupts, traffic on your computer, security scans whatever.  It can also be interrupts from other wireless networks ie your neighbors etc.  if you can try running Roon remote(laptop)hardwired to your network or run from your desktop computer which I believe you said is hardwired and where your core is running.  

Testrun you may be absolutely right.  Everything you mention could be the problem.  Think I'll start with the desktop as the core 1st and proceed from there.  Currently my core is the laptop which isn't hard wired. 

Hard wired my laptop and so far so good.  My desktop couldn't run the Roon software as its too old evidently so inserted the laptop and all is well. 

I had the same experience.  Consider a dedicated music server.  It is how I got to Small Green Computer and never looked back.  I have no tie to SGC just a very happy customer. 

I found this thread and I am having the same problems.  Qobuz 24/96 feeds are cutting out.  Can't load properly.  No such problems with my trusty old Bluesound Node 2i running Blu OS.  Roon is looking lame, I must say.