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dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49  Many thanks for such a useful post and thread.  Could you please comment on the Schiit DACs, the various Yggrasils compared to the Gungnir multi bit?  How did they fare against your favorite DACs?  I have an opportunity to get a Yggrasil... 
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
TAS has zero credibility at this point, they are just a marketing tool for advertisers. In my opinion Tom Martin is a complete blowhard.  Their reviews have very little content that is reliable or trustworthy.    
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
jjss49  Thank you very much for the valuable suggestions from your experience with all these DACs and calling out the great value buys.  I noticed you didn't include any Schiit models and am curious why, if you don't mind sharing that.  
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
I am also interested in getting your opinions on what are the best value Dacs among the ones you have tried.  And also, whether you think it is a good idea to bundle the streamer with the Dac these days so that the number of boxes can be fewer.  T... 
Why is Audiogon insisting on a verified physical address in order to post?
The way I see it is if this makes it so there are fewers scammers, trolls and bots making this forum so unpleasant, then it is all for a good cause.  Good job to the Audiogon folks for doing this.  
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49 I appreciate the help you have given to me when I have asked you on DM, and I do recall you have said on past postings that you have tried some 30-40 Dacs over time, but still to see them listed like this is bewildering. I recall those tim... 
Streamer suggestions with both wireless and wired connections
My Blusound Node works well on wireless.  We live in a single family house and our wifi is pretty good.  I think maybe apartment dwellers or others with a whole lotta traffic on wifi might like using wired LAN better.  
New Luxman DA-06 doesnt sound so great. Will it get better?
Just comes to show you that brand names don't matter much.  Expensive stuff can still be disappointing.  It is getting harder and harder but we still need to figure out how to try stuff out without buying it and being stuck with it.  
Dust Removal
I have used Caig's compressed air in canisters.  But you need to make sure to not spray from the nozzle too close to the components and make sure it is a gentle flow of air to dislodge the dust and dirt.  Mostly I try to keep a cloth over the equi... 
DAC contest: Border Patrol Sei or Chord Qutest?
I tried a Border Patrol DAC after seeing the Steve Guthenberg Audiofiliac video on it, but when I tried it I thought it was very smoothed over and kind of lifeless in its sound. I was using an Ayre Codex at the time, and since then I went to a Cho... 
Will China become the poor man’s dealer for high end audio?
I must say I feel the original posted question is pretty ignorant, and the person asking the question seems to be woefully uninformed of the whole world of high value electronic goods and the countries that make and consume them.  
T+A DAC 200 or WEISS 501
I am looking at the reviews for this T&A DAC and I can’t tell if it is a delta sigma unit or r2r. The Absolute Sound review as usual is worthless. They used to be so good but nowadays they seem to just put out sheer marketing cr!p. Harry Pears... 
New DACs High End Munich 2023
@jjss49  Thanks for your sharing that very useful info and point of view.  I think so many people have more money than sense and are always out there reading about the next great thing.  They lose perspective of what makes a major difference and h... 
4 8 or 16 ohms.
I think you should try 4 and 8 ohm taps and hear what sounds better to your ears.  There is no way that the 16 ohm tap would be the right ones to use as the B&W speakers are pretty well known to have lower difficult impedances.  As the other w... 
What happened to all the highend stereo shops
It’s sad, i agree with that, but many hifi dealers were not very good business people and didn’t run their businesses very well.  Some have really awful attitudes and treat customers badly.