Qobuz + Lumin = Headache

Hi all, I have been using Qobuz through my Lumin U2mini and Lumin app.  I find the Lumin app to be slow and clunky.  It doesn't have the ability to easily add one song to a playlist, no radio etc.  If I stream from the Qobuz app which is much better, I have to airplay to my Lumin.  

I am trying Tidal which has a "connect" with Lumin and it is way way better.  Before I give up on Qobuz/Lumin combo wanted to reach out to the breathren for any advice.  I will not use Roon.  I could fill a page with my frustration with roon....





When I opened a Lumin I found it took a day to learn the application and then it worked pretty well. The sound quality of the LUMIN with their digital volume control was just outstanding


Use Mconnect to play Qobuz to the Lumin.  Much easier than the Lumin app.


Maybe I have a problem somewhere in the network.  I click on a song and it will play but it isn't immediate.  Also I have to airplay the qobuz app to the Lumin. In oher words I can't use the qobuz app to search and find music and then play it. I have to save it on qobuz app then find it using the Lumin app unless I use airplay.

Is airplay degrade the sound?  I only run CD quality lossless.  No Hi-Res



Lumin app is not that bad...just runs like garbage on Android..much better on Apple.

I have apple so not sure if it is better but it is for sure clunky but that could be the speed of my internet actually. 

I switched to Tidal and at least they have easy ability to place a song onto a playlist and they have the radio choice for a song, artist etc.  Turns on to new players like Jesse Davis. I saw Tar and now geting into Mahler also.  Love this stuff

Thanks for the response


I recently started using the U2 Mini and stream with Qobuz and while I found the app to be NOT the most intuitive it got easier once I read through the online tutorial.

I use the Lumin app as opposed to the Qobuz app- there is a momentary delay when loading up a new album but no more than Spotify or other services. One thing that did get confusing was how to add favorites by album instead of by track or artist- it all depends upon where you add from. I don’t like that when I select a track from the album info side that it repopulates the tracks in the queue. I’m sure there are other quirks t be found but overall I wouldn’t say that the Lumin app is garbage- just takes a little work.

My experience with Qobuz on the Lumin App on Apple has been very good.  I was using Tidal until a year ago and to me they perform the same from an app perspective.  I was running the Aurender app previously and found that to be extremely frustrating. 

There are lots of good streamers out there.  My advice is to find the one with the HMI that you like.  I don't like the Qobuz ap much.  My choice is Roon but every streamer has it's fans.  Arrange to spend some time with different brands.


I used the TEAC/Lumin/ Esoteric app for several years, Tidal then Qobuz. I have switched to an Innuos pulse. Their Sense app is outstanding, no lag, easy searches and playlist management plus native Radio Paradise. I also have a Node and prefer Sense to BluOS which is high praise. 

@skinzy  What is "Sense".  I tried to find it on the apple store but no luck.  

@maxwave looking into Jplay now   thanks


Jplay is awesome especially if you use Qobuz.  

I am going to stay with Tidal for two reasons. 

1. easy to add a song to a play list.

2. They have "radio" function which is great way to discover new music

3. Tidal connect is programmed into the Lumin so can play from the Tidal page to the Lumin without using airplay (unlike Qobuz).

Jplay is way eaiser than Roon and allows access to all music libraries and you don't need to run a separate Core.  Plus roon was lacking clear instructions on what icons meant on the diff pages. Unnecessarily complicated. 



The LUMIN app is pretty primitive. Like from 1990s. Use Roon with a LUMIN and you will see what I mean

@thyname Yes!!! 


@ozzy62  are you using the qobuz app or the lumin to select songs/albums/search?

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