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Dimond Cantilevers And Tip Mass
The Audio Technica AT-MC2022 was only manufactured in very limited quantities and has been sold out for years. The DS Audio Grand Master Extreme cartridge uses the same one piece cantilever/stylus but retails for $22,500.  
Vera-Fi Audio LLC Snubway Shipment
Hearsay and unverified garbage? He plead guilty to the fraud and there's plenty of documentation:   
Graphene Sluggo - Unlocking Sonic Scenery
There's apparently a market for these products.  
Graphene Sluggo - Unlocking Sonic Scenery
If you think this is "a bridge too far" you should check out some of their other product offerings, like the Lotus Harmonic Enhancer and the Meow Electro-Acoustic devices.  
Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!
With all due respect, what audible effect ferrites have in an analog cable (signal or power) would not necessarily be consistent with how they may work with digital cables. They would still reduce high frequency noise but how that may impact the r... 
LAIV Harmony
This new review by High Fidelity in Poland may be of interest here:  
DSD coming to Qobuz streaming?
The Boston album linked to is shown in CD quality, and if you select the option to buy the album download it only shows availability in CD quality.  
Free Tip for Jumpers
@soix - With all due respect, what the OP suggests is diagonal connection of a standard speaker cable to a bi-wirable speaker with jumpers. That is what Nordost recommends for connection to bi-wirable speakers, their current speaker cables are not... 
Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?
I contacted Alvin at Vinshine about the apparent release of the 15th version which I thought he'd want to address. He thanked me for letting him know and plans on contacting DENAFRIPS about it and will respond accordingly. He mentioned that he's c... 
Denafrips Terminator 2 bs. ?
This post shows a Terminator 15th that was recently received...    
why expensive streamers
What @jaytor said ^^above^^, and very well articulated.   
Esoteric Amps with Revel Salon 2 Speakers
While the Salon 2s will play with lower powered amps, the designer has been quoted as recommending a minimum of 500 watts for the best performance. My experience with them confirms this, they simply come to life with a new level of performance and... 
Lawrence Audio?
Their primary distributor in the US was Jay Kaufman at Audio Revelation, and once he retired a few years ago the brand seems to have disappeared in this market.  
Has anyone actually heard the Dali Epikore 11? Impressions welcome.  
Denafrips Terminator II 12th anniversary VS. Terminator PLUS 12th anniversary
I emailed Alvin at Vinshine Audio to bring this thread to his attention so that he will hopefully respond.