Power cords different lengths.

Would it be ok to use to different lengths for power cords. I recently bought an AQ Dragon HC 2 m pc for ARC REF 750. The dedicated outlet is about 1 3/4 m away from my amp. The other ARC REF 750  dedicated outlet is about 1 m away.  I would also save a few grand buying the 1m for the second amp. Would I loose anything as far as sonics or anything else by going with 2 different lengths for my amps ? Ty. 

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Would I loose anything as far as sonics or anything else by going with 2 different lengths for my amps ? Ty.



I don't even think most of my gear has the same length cords!!

Yes, it's fine, so long as the cords are adequately sized to begin with. 

Power cords act like power conditioners. The greater the length, the more conditioning. I acquired two Audio Quest Hurricanes; one 1 meter and one 2 meter. It was really clear that they both improved the sound, the two meter notably more than the one meter. At the time I had both an Audio Research Reference 160s and two Reference 160m monoblocks, so I was able to experiment.


The audiophile rule of thumb is that all power cords should be two meters… regardless of the distance to the outlet.

So if you would like the maximum benefit from the cords they should be two meters in length. However, I ran the Audio Research Reference 160s monoblocks, one with a one meter and one with a two meter power cord for over a year. There was no problem, the monoblocks sounded better than the stereo amp. But, both being the same length sounds better, but you must decide. Small difference, yes… but given the equipment / systems we are discussing the term small is often combined with notable improvement. If you have a +100K in your system, cutting corners on the details can add up and makes no sense.

@ghdprentice + 1. Ty ghdprentice. That’s exactly the answer I needed to hear. I will be going with the 2 m for the amps. 

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@ozzy  Ty for your response. Btw I’d like you to read about what ghprentice said and tell  me what u think. 

I own the Dragon power cords and one is 1 meter, and the other is 2 meters, for the exact reason you asked because of my mono block's location's. Also, the cords are quite massive and will be difficult to coil any excess.

I have never noticed ANY type of difference. Of course, this is with my system, my room, and my ears. Perhaps within ghprentice situation he may be right, but again, I have never noticed a difference. Interconnects, speaker cables, yes, the length should be the same.

They are great power cords. I also have them plugged into a Niagara 7000.


@ozzy   +1. Thank you for that extra information. I will keep an eye out for a good price on a used 2M. If I can’t find one in a month or 2 I’ll buy the 1M. I agree that all other cables IC , Speaker should definitely be the same length. Also would u say there is a noticeable difference bet the older coiled Dragon vs the newer straight  Dragon version ? 

I do have one of the newer Dragons (unbraided) source and one of the older type (braided) source and I have not noticed any difference in the 2 styles in sound quality.


@ozzy Thank you for the info. Because for my ARC Ref 9 CDP is the newer unbraided source version 15a . And for the ARC Ref 6SE is the older Braided source 20a. Also the HC 2m 20a for one of my ARC Ref 750 is the unbraided . So what ever I can find for the 2 nd Ref 750 I’ll grab. Either or. I didn’t think there was a difference myself besides the braiding. Maybe I’ll call AQ up and see what they say.