Paying time frame

What do you guys feel is a reasonable time frame to expect someone to pay for a purchase? I know audiogon says contact should be made within 72 hours and payment within 5 days but this seems extreme to me. I generally pay within 24 hours of making a deal. It just seems crazy to me to keep a seller waiting... For what, you already agree'd to buy now pay. What's your thoughts?
It should be within 24-48 hours unless there is a good reason for a delay.
My thoughts are like yours, but sometimes a person may be in a situation that delays their being able to make immediate payment and that is were the grace period comes in to play.
I usually pay immediately if it is a purchase now, if bidding on a listing I pay shortly after the bidding has closed.
Agree with Poets. I try and pay immediately and cannot think of an occasion where I took longer than 24 hours.

Probably the longest I have ever taken was this past weekend when I made an offer on Saturday afternoon, which was accepted, but delayed payment until Sunday afternoon because I was out of town and didn't want my info going through the hotel internet.
Some will not touch any online payment method, a MO should take no more than a week.
I always pay within 24 hours, usually immediately. And ship within 24 hours as well. But that's me, OCD maybe.
But everyone's not like that and you have to honor the rules.
Oh, I don't know. I've dealt with people that were traveling and paid me a week later when they actually arrived at my house to pick up the item. Each case is different. If I agree to a deal, Unless the world comes to an end (family issues), I pay pretty close to with 24 hours. However, I may be away on business (this has happens) and I really don't like online payment methods if I can avoid it. So, I try for checks and agree to wait until the check clears before the item is shipped. I know, but there are dangers in every case, so, If a person insist on paypal, they should be prepared to contribute to the paypal fee.

To me the power and security always lies with the seller. If I receive a check, I wait until my bank tells me it actually cleared before I ship the item. If I or the seller lives close by (within 50 miles or so), I have no problem with them coming by my home to demo the unit and pay, or going to meet them at their home. I typically want to hear the item work before I pay, but sometimes that isn't possible.

I was in Europe on vacation once, and I purchased an item through Audiogon and the seller agreed to wait until I returned in a week for me to send him payment. He couldn't ship in to me until I returned anyway.

So, unless someone took forever to pay the OP, I really don't see a problem. A quick phone call, text or e-mail usually clears up the issue.

Just don't ship until you get paid.

I pay as soon as I receive the seller's email confirming the agreed upon price. So I would say 24 hours or less. Typically, I'm paying within an hour of the confirmation email.
My gf is now stuck in NYC with large piles of snow and no internet accessibility.
24 hours in this case might not be 'nuf.
Hurry Up America -- the faster the better!
10 days to get the payment form, never PayPal. 10 days to clear the payment form once it is deposited in your account. We so many bogus payment forms, including 'cashiers checks', little is safe. Pick up and cash is best, asking for new 100 dollar bills. That way you will not have drug tinted money in your possession when you are stop by the police. Always deposit it in the bank and ask them to check for bogus bills. Recently sold a car, for cash, and the buyer felt I was nuts, but the sale was for $12,000, cash.
I recently purchased a preamp here . I did not have enough money in my Paypal account when i entered into the purchase agreement . The same day i initiated the bank transfer to my Paypal account . It ended up taking the full 5 days Paypal states it could take . My buyer was understandable with the arrangement , but i wish it would have happened sooner . The pre just happened to come to market before i had a chance to get the funds transferred. I believe the seller was happy to get a deal done so close to his just listing it and for his asking price . A good deal for both of us i believe.