Pass XA 25 and Goldenear Triton Reference

I'm considering buying this Pass amp to drive my GE TREFS.  The speakers are about 93db/1watt sensitivity.  Thoughts or feedback or experience with this 25 watt at 8 ohm class A amp and the GE's????  I primarily listen to classic rock.  Using my db meter I rarely listen above 95 db...


You should listen to this combination and evaluate them yourself.  Either buy them with a return option or don't buy them at all.

you maybe okay, however if you turn it up a bit you may clip the amp.

never under estimate having some headroom. 

we were a golden ear dealer for a few years we  tended  to run them with 100 watts or more warm soild state hybrids or tubes  were best.


dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

former golden ear dealer.

pass xa25 is very powerful, belies its very modest nominal rating

see ja’s measured output in stereophile’s review... but maybe still not quite enough for those speakers, dunno... depends on room how loud you listen etc as you would imagine

You will never get the full potential of the Triton Reference speakers with less than 100wpc.  I use a 300wpc amp with my T Refs and the sound is effortless and extremely dynamic.

I think you want warm to syrupy.  Modern AR integrated or Parasound  IMHO with any GE speakers, Ayre also a good possible match.



nope, I had warm and syrupy with a Conrad Johnson MF2550 driving my T Refs. Hated the sound as my prior Odyssey Stratos did a great job with it. Try again Mr Squires. 

I'm using the Pass XA 25 with Ascend Acoustics Towers, 8 ohm, 93 db in room, 90db anechoic with a graph showing a fairly consistent above-5ohm impedance. The Pass does a great job with these speakers and can be cranked way up without distorting. It is *plenty* of power and has a very delicate touch. It sounds lovely.

I think you would be Ok, but man if you could swing the INT-60, you might be in heaven.  That 60 has a ton of juice, and with the powered woofers… could be an outstanding combo.



yes despite the numerous drivers, i would think that with the onboard self powered low end designed into that speaker, that the out-board amplifier driving the rest of the speaker would not need to be such a beast... but i haven’t had this speaker so i really don’t know, best defer to the folks who have it

How large is your room? You listen at 95dB from how far away from speakers? What is speakers impedance?

I would likely default to those that indicate you need more power.