Ordered a Roon Nucleus Plus

I've been using a robust Windows10 Pro Dell laptop (with an external USB connected hard drive) for streaming and storing my CD quality and abover AIFF files.  I have the Tidal Windows app and the Roon core running on this machine.  As more and more updates are pushed out to that machine, it's streaming performance has suffered, mainly some process I can't identify seems to temporarily pause it's connectivity to the network.  Since that machine runs Windows, which has all sorts of processes running not related to music delivery, I decided to "take the plunge" and yesterday ordered a Roon Nucleus Plus.

I'll typically have the external hard drive connected to the Nucleus, but when I purchase new music will connect it to the Dell to store the files on the drive, and back the files up to the cloud.

I've had really good luck running Roon, the program seems really stable, and the sound quality is excellent.  Wish me luck making the transition!
Gook Luck! Please keep us informed about your progress and experience after you've received the Nucleus and have had a chance to configure and us it. I'm curious to know how it works out for you....
I run Roon core 24/7 on a Mac Mini controlled by an iPad.  I simply deny update requests.  I run Roon bridge on an iMac that I use for my general computer, but that continues to run well despite being updated and running other apps such as Mail, Safari, Quicken, and Numbers.  Still, Nucleus is of interest.
I use an Intel i7 NUC running Roon Rock with both Tidal, Qobuz, and a large NAS drive.  This is connected via my Ethernet network to the Bridge II on my PS Audio Directstream DAC. Works almost perfectly with my iPad Pro.  Only issue is occasionally the iPad Pro Roon software freezes and requires reloading. Maybe one time every few weeks.  No such issues at all with the DAC, NUC, or NAS drive.  Very similar to the Roon Nucleus Plus, without an internal music hard drive, which I could easily add to the NUC at anytime.  Right now I use my Windows Computer to transfer CD’s to my NAS drive.  Total cost of assembly was approximately $450 including tax.  Great investment. Base upon my Roon Rock experience,  I am certain you will really enjoy your Roon Nucleus Plus. 
My current setup is based on a pretty powerful Dell Windows10 Pro, I7 quad core processor, 16 gigs of memory, but with some of the other things running on it (like the HP app to print to our all-in-one), that and other things that are running at the time, causes streaming to pause, sometimes freeze.
Back in the day I used an Autonomic MMS-5A server, no problems delivering either Tidal or my library of hi-res AIFF files.  I still have this server, but the app is somewhat "long in the tooth".

When I'm done with this transition, I'll have my library on a 4tb USB external disk drive, and be able to use the Dell to purchase tunes from HDTracks.com, record CD's and backup the drive to my Google Drive account.  When not doing all that, I'll have it connected to the Nucleus Plus.

Thank you everyone for your kind consideration and help with this.  I hope to receive the unit later this week, need to be out of town for about a week, after that will make the transition and provide an update.
What would it cost to build a server to compete with the Nucleus +?  It seems like you could build an equivalent server for much less.

See my my post above regarding hardware costs, Roon operating system software is free.  The Roon program is not.
Yes, it may have been a bit cheaper to build something to do the same function, but from what I've read the Roon products are top notch, and for people like me, a computer guy, if I had the time and the desire, I certainly could have saved a few bucks going the route of another piece of hardware, but my time is so limited, I'd rather get a product from the vendor, supported by the vendor, etc.
I just installed a nucleus + a couple weeks ago.  Also of course Roon.  I have been very impressed at the sound.  The program is great it seems, rather quirky and doesn't make a lot of common sense to me but I'm figuring things out.  I am noticing now it's starting to get sluggish.  Like when the next track starts to play I'm getting the beach ball for 10 seconds or so.  If I click the app from another app I get a delay.  It's a little concerning since there are many on the Roon community that complain of running slow issues. 
My only PC at present (I use tablets for every thing else) is an 8 year old Mac Air and when I did the Roon free trial it was a disaster.  It took over a day to load initially, and then about 3 days later it stalled and overheated so I deleted Roon.  It runs Audirvana Plus just fine, but I have added a Bryston BDP 3 as my server.  I don’t really perceive the value of Roon from my brief trial of when it actually worked.  The Bryston ought to be able to handle it, but I don’t think I am going to try.
I run Roon (with Qobuz) on a 2012 Mac Mini i7, which I upgraded with a 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD. Both Roon Core and my 500GB library of ripped CDs and 24-bit FLAC files are on that SSD. I don't use the Mac for anything else.

I am getting ready to migrate to ROCK using a NUC8i7. I'll move my Samsung 1TB SSD to it. The NUC with a 128GB SSD (for ROCK) and 8 GB RAM will run me about $600. It will have the performance/functionality of a Nucleus+ at a quarter the cost.
I ordered the unit on Monday, 5/27, with UPS showing a delivery on Thursday, 5/30, then Friday, 5/31, then Monday, 6/3 (when I'd be out of town, so I had it rescheduled for Tuesday, 6/4), then it somehow got lost in their system, UPS asked me to open a case with Amazon (who did the fulfillment), but after I let them know they had the package in their local warehouse, they opened an internal investigation and found the package, for delivery on Wednesday, 6/5 but somehow that box never made it on the truck, spoke with someone at the local warehouse yesterday (Monday, 6/10) and they located the package, which is now showing as being on the truck for delivery today, Tuesday, 6/11.

I have great luck with both UPS and FedEx, don't mean to bash either of them, but this "Second Day Air" turned out to be "Second Week Air".

Hopefully I'll get the package today and have time tonight to do the swap.
UPS truck arrived a little while ago, but the driver could not locate the package...good thing it was sent requiring a signature...
Got the Nucleus Plus placed on my wall unit, connected up, attached the USB drive with the backup of my Roon database, imported it into the new unit, adjusted some of the settings and checked it out, playing only one song, nice!

The unit doesn't consume that much electricity and doesn't get that warm, so I plan to leave it on all the time, so it can do its thing, with regular backups, updates on the Roon software, etc.

So far, so good!
Love to know how it sonically compares to a Nucleus or DIY - using ethenet/RAAT. My dac doesn't do usb. Does have ethernet/ROON though.