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Had my oppo 105d in for service...was experiencing some clicking on certain cd’s.After running in speakers,ic’s,speaker cable’s it was time...Sent it in and got back yesterday...They installed new disk loader optic unit,cleaned for there flat fee of $119.00 and shipped back.No hassles,no bs.Not many co.do such a service these day’s.

(pro) Nice clean work,Great communication.Highly recommended if youre at all interested in doing.

(con) Was shipped by fedex...delay,delay,delay.grrr.


With that, Oppo is an example of quality and class. I'm happy with my 205.

Yep sent in my 103 a couple mos back for a power issue. Flat fee and I think that included return shipping. Still a great co.

It’s amazing — and also a bit sad — that Oppo, despite being out of the audio hardware business, still provides better service than many audio companies who still sell products. I just shot them an email regarding a question I asked in another post so we’ll see what, if anything, I get back.

That’s great news although a bought an oppo player once I heard they were exiting the industry.  

Compared to two recent service debacles I’ve experienced in the last few years, this is amazing.   I’ve two Burson amps and the company told me that they don’t offer service for any discontinued models.  The other situation is ongoing with Paradigm that had my product sitting in a Buffalo-area wear house for 7 weeks and nothing has been done yet!   The dealer is brilliant as he always is, but the company far less so. 

Where can I go for shipping information and details about Oppo repairs? Thanks

After using the email from @digsmithd I got a very helpful and courteous response from Oppo in one day — on a Saturday!!! — regarding my ancient DV-970HD I’m still using as a transport in my HeadFi rig   These guys are awesome and should give lessons to other manufacturers on how to do customer service  


As above, Yes, Oppo is still offering repair and service.


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OP, thank you so much for sharing.  I have a 105 and a 203 in different systems and they work fine, but there is always that concern

I have 2 Oppo (a 95  and a 203) disc players that are both exhibiting problems and need repair. I can't find anything on their site or a global internet search that indicates they are still, as of April 2023 doing any direct support of their disc players in the US. Does anyone know differently? If they indeed are not I would be happy to entertain a secondary repair shop in the US if anyone knows of someone reliable.

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I enjoy reading about your Digital journey over the years. I take it, you no longer own the Sony XA-777ES player?

Now, to address your query;

service@ oppodigital.com OR 650.961.1118 (phone) Keep me posted on the Repair process.


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Fantastic, OP!

That kind of service is sadly unheard of these days.

I'm glad to hear about it. My 103 will require service some day...