New construction ceiling advise

I have a new home with a designated listening room in the basement. I have 2x4 studs on 8” center with double 1/2” drywall. The floor will be covered in carpet.  The room is 30’ 4” x 16’. I originally planned to use high grade USG ceiling tile but that would only provide a 9’ or less ceiling. My question is this: What if I use nothing overhead? I would be at 11’ to the subfloor above. Sound isolation in this room is not an issue. TIA


OT, but perhaps pertinent...

Check local tax codes as to property taxes VS finished basement.

I some areas leaving the ceiling open and/or not applying flooring (other than plywood) lessens the tax burden as it is not taxed a a "living space".

If leaving the ceiling open (duct work and all) it can be sprayed white/black or whatever you choose to make it less obvious.




This present many interesting possibilities. I might envision dropped diffusers that might not only be acoustically effective and also visually stunning if done right.  You also reserve the option of a bass trap hidden above the diffusers.  

Property tax is an outrage. No one should have to pay tax on their home. Anyway, leave it open. The additional height will allow the music to breathe and the joists will act as diffusers. 

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