Need integrated with LOTS of WATTS

Just bought ATC 7s. Am told they need LOTS of juice. Ideas on integrated at around $1000, or so?
The Wyred For Sound STI-1000 has 570 watts per channel. ModWright has one in development that will have 200 watts.
Last I looked, the Wyred for Sound STI-1000 sells for $2,499. How is this anywhere "around $1,000"?
I third the NAD C375BEE integrated. Tons of punch and detail with plenty of current to drive most speakers. It is truly a "giant killer"(overused cliche' but true).

Sorry guys, I didn't notice he listed a budget when I put in my suggestions. My bad.
Look into the the 60 watt Bryston and the the Creek 5350SE (used).

SS and difficult to drive speakers are not my personal cup of tea (but trust me on this, in your price range :-).
Forget the thou budget @new.
The NADs will get you to the bottom of the power you asked for

I looked up ATC and found the SCM50 in active or passive versions. no '7's.

Could you be a little more specific? Sensitivity maybe? And if available as active OR passive speakers, the amps and power of the actives.
The SCM50, above has 500 RMS divided 250lf / 150 mid / 100 hf.
If you are set up for it, bi amping with 'd' amps would work wonders, if all you want is sheer power.

Usage is something you don't address, either. You'd have to redline these in a pretty large space to TOUCH the kinds of power you are after.

A preowned Krell 400xi integrated? Save up for MAC? the MA6900? is that a right model #? How about a used W4S integrated or the identical looking PSAudio GCC series? Any chance of auditioning something? Do you have any musical goal in mind? What did you hear the ATCs with that made you buy 'em in the first place?
Other than sensitivity, what makes you think they are 'difficult to drive'?
I googled ATC 7, and it looks like the sensitivity is rated for 84dB @ 1W @ 1m. Yeah they are rather inefficient. I used to own Revel M20's with 87dB sensitivity, and they were fine with Classe CAP-151 and Krell 300iL integrated amps. I think you need at least 100W clean power for your speakers, but keep in mind quality is more important than quantity.
Now, any idea what the phase angle data looks like?

And Yes to Jylee. Better watts.....are better!
Yes I would keep that quality watt in mind not the number of watts. Many speakers will require power to sound their best but ban power really sucks. I had 4oowpc Monoblocks to which the olde addage goes if the first one sounds like crap why would you want 399 more of them. There is a rough correlation however between total watt out put and cost which is uppset by very costly low wattage tube amp and relativelively low cost per watt when you talking 1000 of them in the Wyred4Sound products. Emotiva may be a brand that wil give you high quality high quantiy. I don't own one.
My story was going from the big Aragon monoblocks not real slouchers by any means to a 4 X 6CA7 output tube monoblock in Parallel PP on my JM focal Electras the sysnergy was great. The amps are great but undervalued by this comunity. I went further downstream and bout an AES AE-3 preamp and thing got even better. The amps put out 75-80 wpc but the Focal can handle more. This is another point just because thay can doesn't mean they will sound better with more juice. This took a lot of unlearning.
Thus perhaps as has been hinted at already. You may need "only" a good hundred watts. Trust me when I tell you my well known integrated a Jadis DA 60 puts out good watts and seems not to reach its limits yet. I haven't played them lightly with 87-88 Db sensitive speakers. Nor the Opera Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks with 92-3 Db JM Lam 936s. Both Louder than you want but so wonderfully good. It took a simple but giant step.
I listened to my friend TRELJA who said the sound you want will come from tube power amps only. It bears repeating tube power amps only. I had tried a fine MF 308CR integrated a beastly integrated nope, I tried the Aragon Palladiums first 100 watts class A then bias to 400 A/B then down the impedance pole to a reported 1000 watts. No again. Try a tube preamp. So I did an ARC SP6b rolled tubes, no it had the gain from hell, great phono but yes it had a louder than I liked noise floor.
Then Eureka after 6+ years and a multitude of different systems for other reasons a sentimental Golden Age one for instance, A Klipsch McIntosh one from my long gone high school and college days. He knew me well and we are both closet headbangers, no it's not just chamber music. Why didn't you tell me all along I asked repeatedly. Oh you just weren't going to believe me. See if you can find someone close to guide you.
Vincent integrateds seem to sound pretty good...a friend of mine has one and loves it...150 wpc.
Those are a bit power hungry speakers. I've used the Bel Canto 150w integrated amps with them & it sounded very good!
Acurus DIA-100 and DIA-150 can drive almost anything out there including Magneplanars,Electostatics,and very stable down to 2 ohms.Built like a tank construction both inside and out.Should last a lifetime.Google the reviews and see what I mean.With a quality tube buffer like a Musical Fidelity X-10v3 all traces of clinical sounding treble is gone and Bingo! Musical Nirvana and muscular balls just keep on going!They will never build them like this again.Class A sound at a budget price!