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cable burning
I was going to ask the same question? A resistor in a speaker cable? WHERE? 
Magnepan 1.7 w/ Tubes & lots of Class D Power
Run 'stock' panels for a while, perhaps 6 months, before making big changes. Especially know you are not going to blow fuses. Than, if you had any pre x.7 series panel, i'd recommend jumpering out the jumpers and fuses by doing under-the-connectio... 
Ideal room dimensions for great system sound?
Golden ratio and Fibonacci series are mathmatically related.The 'series' of Fibonacci is arrived at by starting with 0, 1 and adding them to produce the next number....0+1=1 .....Now, add the last 2 numbers AGAIN to produce the 4th number....1+1=2... 
Pass Labs heatsinks temperature
Good data...and taken after complete warm up.Most people don't know the difference between heat and tempreture.An iceberg has more heat than a red hot nail even though the nail is at 500c or whatever.Pass labs have generous heatsinking and huge tr... 
Resistor to tone down tweeter?
If the tweeters are different, make 'em match.I'd personally only replace tweeters in pairs. Was the new tweeter supposed to be 'just like' the one removed? 
Sub Integration Question / Recommendation
with touching nothing, swap phase on both main speakers. (+-)Sounds like they are out of phase with the the crossover region.I too, have a HSU sub. A VTFII mk III. If I cared enough to do a level match, I'd start at 1khz at zero. try to ge... 
Pass Labs heatsinks temperature
John,Good. Now if others use similar equipment with similar competence, the data could be compared. As it lies? Well, 3 or 4 others have measured, with unknown means and accuracy, while getting results which confuse me.No relation to bias conditio... 
Volume Pot Upgraqde
Should you use 'break before make' switches in a selector application?How about a nice bank of relays and 'soft touch' momentary contact switches? 
Octave Integrated Amps
impedance swings will change the spectral response using tubes.More important (maybe) would be how complicated the crossover is and how the phase angles measure. Large phase angles and an impedance dip at the same frequency would be a non-starter ... 
Pass Labs heatsinks temperature
All this temp measurement stuff has me thinking. It is important in trying to get comparable data to take the data the same way using the same warm up procedures in the same location.Sticking a baby thermometer up agains the fins is not the best t... 
Can magnet placed beside cartridge damage a coil?
placed near something while being shipped?any way to shield a cart during shipping......? 
Connect Macbook Pro to DacMagic DAC
As kind of an aside, the DACMagic + has a USB / BlueTooth dongle which makes a wireless connection without using such as an AirPort Express. Or an optical cable. 
upgrading speaker crossovers
Timlub is correct about inductors.However, replacing an iron core with an aircore is not a bad idea, especially in the woofer end of the circuit.At the same time, it is a Very good idea to match the DC resistance of new to old.My inductor design f... 
Emotiva amplifiers review/experience?
I could think of worse amps to clone.......though i don't believe Emotiva is a clone. 
Playback Design with Hifi tuning fuse
one MAJOR key is process control during manufactureMeasurement for metal thickness, are checked on a regular basis, calibrated regularly and have a gauge R+R study done annually. ISO standards require the above, so buying from ...