Mt First McIntosh

It arrived last night....the 2105. The seller said the wood case had been taken very good care of the past 45 years. He had to have lied, there is no way this sweet, virgin perfect case is more than 6 months old!

It sounds great, better than I God is she beautiful!! I'm 52 listening to my first Mac. I've tried to share this with my friends, but they have no idea what I'm talking about or how I feel. She is SO beautiful, especially with the rest of the lights turned off.

Stevie Wonder, Mel Torme, Carole King and Chet Baker never sounded so good to my ears. This must be what you guys have been enjoying.

Did I mention she's so beautiful?
The 2105 was my first Mcintosh amp too, nice to hear it arrived in such nice condition.
Sounds like you are now engaged with 'the other women'. I know the feeling, brought my first mac over fifty years ago.
Paul, if you happen to be married... keep those feelings bottled up. When you may least expect it.... "you love that darn box more than me"!!! Between you and I tho, I bet she's just GORGEOUS!!
Ahhhh yes my First McIntosh...I remember that day. Warning there is no cure for Blue Meter Fever. However you can subside it's side effects, feed the fever, starve a cold. Enjoy her, but at 45 she will teach you things about your music collection you never dreamt of.
In 1976, I bought my first McIntosh 2100. (same as the 2105, but without the faceplate and meters) I bought it new, because my friend's dad said it was the "best", and I took his word for it. I kept that amp and loved it for 12 years and made the mistake of selling it to my friend. Two years later, I found a used 2105 in the paper and bought it. I have had other amps, including an MC300 I shouldn't have sold, but won't make the mistake of selling this one again. It's a great amp, and a true classic. Enjoy it.
I understand your elation over having finally gotten Mac gear! I drooled over their gear for several years, and finally in 1978 I was able to get brand new stuff, a C32 preamp, MR78 tuner, and MC2205 power amp. I've loved their gear ever since, even tho I no longer have those pieces. Welcome to the "Mac club"!
Congrats on your Mc getting your Mc gear. Finally after many decades of desire i took the plunge and purchased my first Mc gear, a MA6600. I am so very glad I did. Only wish I had done it sooner.
I have been a Mac user for 20 years, MC2100 to be exact, As Roxy mentioned it is the same spec as the 2105 except without the meters. I love it so much I bought another one, so now I bridged it and use them as mono block, one for each speaker, (Vandersteen 2CE Sig. II ) let me tell you, wow! It really woke up the speakers, so much clearer, better staging and more deeper bass. Anyway just recently I bought an MC2105 for back up just incase. So I know you'll be happy with the 2105 believe me I know.
Congrats. My first Mac amp was the 2105, new in the early 70's. The Mac Rack (2105/C28/MR77) was hypnotizing at night, sound was fantastic.

Somewhere along the line some people got the idea that the 2105 put out 105 watts and the 2100 only 100. Don't know where those extra 5 came from, maybe the glass? :-)

They were both rated at 100 wpc but actually put out around 150. The first 3 generations of SS Mac used a 5 at the end of the model # to indicate it had glass and meters. I think it was nice that they offered the same amp at a much lower cost if you didn't want the fancy trimmings. Enjoy your classic.

I know this is a really old post, but I am just getting my first Mac experience at 64!

Acquired a 2105 in pristine condition and paired it with an equally pristine C34V and pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's. I cannot imagine how much you would need to spend to achieve any better results. It sounds like magic, to my old ears anyways.


There is a reason why the 2105 is so loved and sells for overinflated prices. It has a really beautiful and powerful sound. I actually prefer it to the MC300 and the MC 402, both of which I owned. I have modified mine with better input jacks, an IEC so that I can use other power cords as well as new transistors and capacitors. I also had modern binding posts added which I think was the one big problem with this design considering that most of us don't use lamp wire for speaker cable anymore.

I’m 68 and got for my first mac. A mac 352 hybrid. I have 3 other amps and they are very good, but there is something about this mac that makes it hard for me to take. It our of my rotation. I sometimes forget how good it sounds until I change it out and hear what I am missing. My Accuphase has meters, but they don’t excite the eyes like Mac blue!,