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Right time to pull the trigger. Black Friday.
For both the Bel Canto and Anthem website they list Audiolab as being an authorized seller. I make mention of this as I purchased an Anthem SS receiver. The price was less than any other I found on the web by a good margin. I have found Audiolab t... 
Thanksgiving: ......
For the 10% over dealer cost sale at Audiolab. It was the real deal and now I am back into surround sound with a quality receiver for a relative small cost. My entire system which favors two channel is set. Movies or music smiles for miles.Blessin... 
Right time to pull the trigger. Black Friday.
James, I did make the mistake of posting them in Bensalem, they are in Fairless Hills PA. This is a Black Friday sale only, so I doubt they are going out of business. You and others may call them for the details of sale. Only one item that you buy... 
Help me spend $3000 on a used amp
McIntosh. But there are a few top brands to choose I would go with stereo over mono amps. Do you favor tube or SS? Most of all keep in mind the fun and joy of the hobby. Get something that brings a smile to your face even when off. 
Anyone into cassettes?
Yes indeed, have a NAK DR-8. It makes my tapes sound great, even the ones recorded on other decks. Most of the tapes are transfers from my LP's, R2R. Now used only for playback. 
How big a change would this upgrade make?
In my experience at the level you now have, great improvements are unlikely. As to which I would upgrade it would be the pre amp or the DAC. The new PS audio DAC has some very nice reviews. Most of all do you really like your speakers? They make t... 
Splitting signal from a DAC
You should be absolutely fine. 
The best CD Player for the money
The Emotiva ERC-3. Good build and good sound. Long warranty. With music servers coming more the music option for playback for many, looking for a good, last cd player makes good sense too me. The OPPO players would be nice as well. 
Help 1960-era custom build
Nice save from the scrap heap. Someone may really get a kick out of it. Your pictures show it to be in fair to good condition. 
Marantz SR5008 vs Cambridge Audio AZUR 650R
My vote would be to go with Marantz. CA items I had in the past sounded good but problems with tuner and receiver. Happy listening and viewing. 
Marantz service
Perhaps your credit card company can provide you with proof of purchase. Then I would contact Marantz service again directly. Good luck. 
Tube Amp Recommendations $1500
The SQ-88 from Quest for Sound. Brand new right at your price point. Solid build and great sound. Comes with remote volume control as well. Check other audio website for used. Really a fine tube integrated with great reviews. 
Best integrated amp for Harbeth SHL5s
just my two cents, having to experience with your speakers. That being said, the McIntosh MA600 which I do own sounds great with all the speakers I have used. The McIntosh line of integrated amps is more than worth a look. Luxman and Marantz are o... 
Chinese integrated for around $1k
Chinese amps can represent a lot of bang for the buck. Buyer should keep in mind should there be a problem you may be up the cheek, Enter brand like the Quest for Sound-SQ 88. Made in China, specifications made to Steve Monte,s desire.,,This is a ... 
Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i
Out of the three, I would go for the Hegel due to such glowing reviews. Outside of that, I go with the one that weights the most and has most features which would accommodate your life style allowing you to grow into it.