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Speaker match for MC275
Verity Finn was a great match on my MC275. 
Raidho C1.1
I had very good results with the REL T9 
Preamp for McIntosh MC162
C42 is a very nice match that is in the MC162 time period. An 8 band EQ might also help tame your aggressive non diamond 805 tweeter if needed. 
Miami, Florida August 29, 2012
Not at all, look forward to seeing you there. Regards John 
copper slug
Ebay, look under oxygen free copper rods. You will find assorted widths, buy a rod and cut as many as you need for pennies a slug. 
Power tubes for the VAC 300.1
Hi Chris, there was a pretty good thread associated with the Sigma160i a few weeks ago about VAC and current production KT88 tubes. 
Best kt88 for VAC Avatar Super
I think you got your answer, who would be better qualified than Kevin on that subject? A quad of gold lions cost less than 200.00, if you want to find out for yourself its not a big investment and maybe worth a try. Best of luck. 
Oldest Mcintosh Pre with remote
C31V maybe? 
California Audio Show-why I hate audio conventions
How about a little Barber on the side with that Krall followed by a dash of Pidgeon & Cole. On the flip side I always get introduced to a ton of new music at the shows, the European vendors usually have some cool material. 
What Song Reminds You of Your First Love?
"my eyes adored you" by Frankie Valli for Dora in grade 6 1975. 
Amps for Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage
I have the Strads hooked up to Mcintosh MC2301's and rotate between the Jadis DA60, VAC 300.1/Sigma 160i and MC601's. Cabling is Nordost Valhalla/Odin and I also use Kubala-Sosna Elation. Your welcome to come by for a demo, we are located in the M... 
The right amp to biamp with McIntosh MC275 Mk V?
Wouldn't a Mcintosh MC452 be a great choice? You could connect the MC275 input to the balanced output of the 452 and attenuate both amps from the input of the MC452 to the preamp with identical gain. Maybe a call to Mcintosh and some advice from C... 
Mt First McIntosh
The 2105 was my first Mcintosh amp too, nice to hear it arrived in such nice condition. 
Question about McIntosh MX 118
Excellent buy, it is the C712 and I mated it with a MC7150 on a pair of magnepan MG12's for a bedroom system. I loved having the built in tuner with remote, buy wisely and you could get the set under 2k. It makes no sense that the C712 has a highe... 
$6 Million Dollar Man?
Method to his madness & crazy like a fox come to mind with this rig, great marketing tool. You could follow him on facebook, he posts regularly.