Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????

OK so do I sell all my equipment, Buy new Stuff once I hit NZ or do I take it and Have it converted?

How available is audiophile gear in NZ?

My system consists of
Myryad pre amp
Toshiba sd-9200
Rel Storm
Mesa Boggie Baron
Citation 5.1 amp


A local fellow here in Boise that formerly lived in New Zealand has moved back. He was considering the purchase of some Plinius gear to replace his aging ML kit before leaving and I asked him the same question but especially regarding that brand. He said that audio gear is much more affordable here. A member of our local audio club that owns Plinius gear traveled there in December and I asked the same question. The response was the same. The voltage is different there too. Please don't take this as true knowledge about all equipment but I'd think they both knew what they were talking about in regard to that particular brand.

I'm pretty sure an infrequent visitor to this site lives in NZ, it would be worth dropping a private email to RedKiwi and ask his advice. Great guy and sure knows his stuff.

Regards, Jeff
Jeff advise on contacting Redkiwi is a "sound" one, hasn't seen many postings from him lately but he was very active a couple of years ago. He has contributed quite a bit specially involving Neuance platforms.
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North or South island?

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Hi Vong
As a rule I would have to say that audio gear is cheaper and more affordable in the States than here, the choice is also is much greater. Step down trannies do work we are 230 volts here. So have it converted there to 230 and bring it all with you. OR.... sell it all and trade up now! its cheaper than shipping it in later. BTW were will you be living?
Regards Steve.
A friend emigrated back in the mid 90s and related to me that he had to pay pretty stiff tariffs to take his gear into the country. New Zealand, like Australia, protects its domestic markets with import tariffs.
Check before you move with customs. Most countries do not charge tariffs if your gear is part of a rivate household you move with.
If NZ is like the UK (which is likely as it's a former colony, and still has close ties, and very similar laws) then there is no import duty on personal posessions, regardless of value. You may have to sign something saying you will not sell your gear for 2 years.

External step down transformers are inexpensive, and according to a couple of manufacturers I spoke with, work just fine, causing no audible degradation, provided you get a suitable power rating.

If you end up deciding to stay in NZ permanently you can always have equipment modified later.

It's a beautiful place. If it were not for family ties to England and the US I'd move there in a hearbeat.
Thanks for all the advice!

I will be living in or around Auckland-at least at first. The plan is to pack up move, buy a car and drive all over the country. Figure out where we ant to live ect...

I Know that Mesa can convert the amp for me, However I just did not know how common audiophile equipment was in NZ.

I have another issue with DVDs.....Does anyone know if there is a universal player for all regions and NTSC-PAL????

Is new zealand on PAL?

Anyway thanks for the help. My wife and I feel like we are getting while the getting is good and are looking forward to pushing the reset button on life!!!

Now about the guitar gear....
Again, by analogy with the UK it is common in the UK to find multi-region DVD players, and most any TV that will accept either PAL or NTSC input.
Not so in the US where the electronics market is "parochial" and you must pay through the nose for multi-region/multi-format equipment.
Vongwinner...I hope you are fond of sheep. Near Aukland, don't miss a visit to the Coramandel peninsular. Hot water beach is a ball.
Regarding possible custom situations with your gear keep in mind that if the goods are used and not new, the duties applicable might be quite different i.e. for new equipment might be much higher than for used. So do some search on the topic and look for all those receipts with all those valuable purchasing dates on them!!
I have moved two times from one country to another and you should not overlook this.
Good luck!!
One site you may wish to check is

It claims to be NZ's most read hifi magazine and gives some indication of the types/brands of available equipment. Of course, New Zealand does produce some of its own high-end gear - Perreaux ( springs to mind - so if you decide to sell your current gear you could always go native!

I'm actually located in Australia so feel obliged to comment on a previous post on Australian tariffs. We actually have pretty low tariffs, around 5%, and now that we have a free trade agreement with the US those tariffs have mostly been removed (except on products like sugar, where you guys insist on protecting your inefficient producers!)
Forgot to mention NZ's own Plinius gear - - now there's some industrial-strength electronics!

One note: power converters are known to reduce the longevity of the devices to which they are attached. I don't know how significantly, but military personnel are forewarned of this when bringing electric items to Europe and Asia; I can only assume the same is true for NZ.

Nevertheless, I'm jealous! Have fun down there. :)
Vongwinner I must second the Cormandel penninsula. Absolutely beautiful beaches. Eldartford didn't mention the sand flies though. My first experiance with them was at Hotwater beach. They don't itch at first but late at night you wake up scratching like mad! You get use to them though. From there cruise down to Rotorua and if your in shape try the Tongariro crossing. It's south of Taupo in the national park. Anyway I could go on but suffice to say there's a lifetime of stuff to see and do there. By the way Kiwis are crazy. Blackwater rafting, bungi jumps ect. Get in shape now!
Thanks to all for the advise, both about the equipment issue, and where and what to do in NZ.

I think that I will bring most of the audio equipment with me as it does not seem to be a big deal to convert it! Sumiko (the us distributor for REL) Was particularly helpful

All the sheep jokes aside, I am looking forward to moving!