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where to get shorting plugs?
If you want to short unused RCA inputs then what I've done is to take the cheap disposable interconnects that come with most components, chop them in half and then short the conductors (with solder) and put some shrink tube on the exposed end. Pre... 
Is anybody using Ready Acoustics bass traps ?
Thanks for the feedback. The GIK products look better and are within my budget. I'll start with 4 of the 244s. 
Implications of Esoteric G-0Rb atomic clock
Chris, I can't imagine how you could remove jitter from an existing digital recording as there's no inherent information that would allow you to determine the jitter in order to subtract it.I think a bad digital recording is destined to remain a b... 
Implications of Esoteric G-0Rb atomic clock
Ehider ... USB DACs are RAM buffered because USB does not stream the data at the bit rate required by the DAC.Since it's possible to buffer for USB then it's possible to do the exact same for SPDIF.A more likely explanation is that the USB DAC you... 
Implications of Esoteric G-0Rb atomic clock
Ehider ... you don't need USB, you just need a buffering and reclocking DAC, like the Lavry 924. A relatively small RAM buffer will allow for any drift between the transport clock and the DAC master clock.Of course, the more stable the DAC master ... 
Transport mechanism maximum "life".
I suspect that many last longer, and the manufacturer is informing you of what they find to typically be the case. If yours has not yet failed I wouldn't worry about it. 
Treating High Humidity in basement
This sounds like a question for a builder it says in the link using a dehumidifier may cause more problems as it will accelerate moisture ingress through the bas... 
New Green Mountain Audio Speakers?
As a very pleased owner of the GMA Europas it seems to me that the GMA range is in danger of becoming confusingly large. Also prices rise so steeply above the factory direct Europas that I doubt I'd ever go up the range without it being used.I wis... 
Rega upgrades/tweeks
Adding the Funk Achromat to my Rega P3 was the best thing I ever did to the deck, as it cleaned up the sound no end. The bass is more defined and the treble less harsh. 
Philips VAM1202 Transport Problem- Need some help
My comment on the adjustment was based on my assumption that the MCM part would be a drop in replacement, and for $20 it's not worth the time and effort to adjust. Obviously the equation changes somewhat if the replacement doesn't drop in :-(It's ... 
Philips VAM1202 Transport Problem- Need some help
Just get a new transport, don't try to adjust.MCM electronics:http://www.mcminone.comMCM Part #: 32-18255 (mechanism)MCM Part #: 32-24285 (pickup only)Replacement is usually quite straightforward. If it works buy another and stick it in a drawer .... 
Cambridge Audio 640p vs. ??? - outcome?
Have a look at there's a lot of info on the 640p over there. 
turntable sounds better on warm summer nights
Could it be changed bearing tolerances due to dissimilar metals ? My rega has a brass bearing housing, with a steel shaft: these metals expand and contract differently. It's pretty common to have a brass or bronze housing with a steel shaft, and a... 
Monitor Audio Made in China?
Green Mountain Audio Europas were $999 factory direct last time I looked, and are excellent speakers, if somewhat aesthetically-challenged ! 
Upsampling vs Oversampling vs No Oversampling?'s a primer on the maths.