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Bi-amping ADS L-1590 or L-1290
Sblagg you can build or buy a line level passive crossover which you would place between the pre and the power amp. I believe you'll want a second order for that ADS. There are a few sites that will give you the formula to build them. Which in tur... 
L and R channel/Red and White in system chain
Take a red marker or touch up paint and mark all the right channels as red. Life is too short. 
How is your power bill?
Polyurethane can also be used in the attic space in place of blown in insulation. FWIW. 
New Linn Majik-i or Naim Nait 5i with Linn Ninkas
Dpitone is right IMO. The Ninkas are listed as 4 ohm in passive mode which usually means 2 8 ohm mid woofers wired in parallel. In active you drive them with different amps so you see an easier load. The woofers are listed as 8 ohms in active to b... 
Floorstanding Speakers - 12'x14' Room
You mentioned The frequency of the Katans in Aktiv (active) mode. Is that how you run them with your Linn amp? If not that might be your first step before selling the Katans. Or another Linn option? Linn speakers do sound better used in active mode. 
Black Raviolis
I replaced the foam in the headrest of my audio room chair with buckwheat hulls. Quite comfy. I don't think ravioli would be as nice. Haven't tried though... 
Songs about ecology
And then there's the Talking Heads "(Nothing but) Flowers."Sorry couldn't resist. 
best artists in the last 15 years
These aren't in my top 15 necessarily but with a quick scan they didn't catch my eye:Alexi MurdochAnjelique Kidjo Carolyn WonderlandBrett DennenTeddy ThompsonRadney FosterGomezKT TunstallJames HunterOzomotliNickel CreekJakob Dylan Ryan AdamsKasey ... 
Burning CD from I-Tunes
My first thought when I saw this post was that you might need to defragment your computer. But I was sure someone would come up with something better so I let it go. After seeing that Zenblaster was kinda thinking along those lines I threw out my ... 
Hobbies other than Audiophiliac?
Time travel, knitting with the guys at the weekly audio meets, and of course, cross dressing.Well, if Slappy wont post anymore... 
Can a preamp's gain be lowered?
I would second Mitch2 both on building own with the least attenuation that works and on reducing gain at individual inputs. The second point may be more important on older equipment where phono/tuner outputs are lower than on the digital source. C... 
Buying used vs. New
Use the zipcode feature on the search listings. Good way to find items you don't want to see shipped. Of course you need patience or luck depending on your desires. That said I have few qualms about where I buy from with the exception of speakers.... 
Help rotel pops when turning on and off
Don't know about your Rotel model but if it has a speaker on/off switch make sure it's off before turning your amp on or off. If it doesn't you can plug a dummy load into the headphone jack which might mute the circuit. Good luck. 
There are also "gently" used items sometimes for sale on this site! 
Remotes: Who needs 'em?
There was a piece about this very phenomena on some Sunday night hour long news show a while back. It seems the short time from design to market is blamed as engineers don't have time to create intuitive remotes. Some MIT prof said he couldn't fig...