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Upgrade From Clearaudio Satisfy CF to Tracer?
Thanks guys.  Pulled the trigger on the Tracer and have been very happy.  
Corpse Cable - Opinions Please
More than 20 years on audiogon, and this is by far my favorite thread, even if some of the puns are killing me.  
Where are all the Sason users
Hi there!  Well, this is an old thread, indeed!  I've stayed away from audio forums for several years (my wife and wallet thank me), but I stumbled across this thread, and will mention it's 2020 and I'm in the process of moving my Sasons to their ... 
Any Reason to buy a pre-owned Auralic Vega 1 or Wait for the Revised Vega ?
The Vega G2 is twice the price of the Vega 1 new, but friends who have heard the G2 at a recent audio show said the G2 was phenomenal. 
Tube Troubleshooting
Abucktwoeighty: fascinating. I've enjoyed the Sophias, but now I might start looking for an alternative.Mcintech: awesome - thank you! As the son of a former Machinest Mate, I am grateful for both your service and your passing along that handy skill! 
Tube Troubleshooting
Thanks, guys.The tubes in question are Sophia Electric 6SN7s. I bought them new about three years ago. They've sat unused in their box for the last 14 months, though. A couple more data points: the rushing air was two to three times louder through... 
Are Klipsch or Usher and Upgrade for Me?
Hmm. Thanks, guys. That's food for thought. One of the reasons I'm looking to upgrade is I need speakers that sound good in a variety of rooms because I move every couple years. For some reason I assumed the horn would have superior horizontal dis... 
how can I make the back wall transparent?
Williewonka,What is the final position of your speakers relative to the wall behind them and the side walls? Thanks,Howard 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
One respected opinion in the community: have the 95; it's a steal at full asking price. Would upgrade to the 105 in a heartbeat if I hadn't just bought the 95. 
Stealth Dream V10 Power Cords
Thanks for your thoughts, guys. If/when V10 models show up used for an acceptable price I'll give them a spin. It seems like with each passing day, though, more companies are building exceptional cables at lower prices, so while I don't want to ge... 
Stealth Dream V10 Power Cords
Rsf, I apologize for not fully answering your question. Over the last 20 years I've had more cables than I can remember. Going back as far as ten years I can remember using Gregg Straley's Reality Cables, which I highly recommend in the budget cat... 
Stealth Dream V10 Power Cords
First, it's great to see you back on audiogon, Jmcgrogan! I've generally stayed away the last couple years myself, but saw your farewell message some time ago. The Stealth Dream (original) are the only Stealth products I've ever heard that sound b... 
Stabilizers and footers
Elizabeth,Long time, no see!Does your gear sound the same regardless of which of the items you listed you're using? I've been looking for a comparison of the effects of various footers on the market but have yet to find one.Thanks!Howard 
DAC Accustics Art - Ayon CD5S - AMR DAP 777
Audiofun, I'm eager to try the Dynex/parts express cable duo. There are multiple models of Dynex four-port USB hub, though. If you'd pass on the model number I'd appreciate it!Best,Howard 
Audiophile Truth 26
Oh man, if that were true I'd have a lot less money poured in this hobby! :-)