ML 335: Binding post question

Hello everyone,

After sitting quietly in its box for over 25 years, I’m about to put my dad’s lightly used Mark Levinson 335 back into service. (He bought a Jadis Defy7, put the ML back in the box and let it sit!) The problem is, aside from the sheer mass of the beast, the binding posts don’t accept banana plugs according to the manual. This means adapters of some sort. I prefer to stay away from pigtails. As I haven’t pulled the amp from storage yet I don’t know what the posts look like or their diameter.

Are there any vintage ML owners here who might kindly tell me how thick are the metal posts? Are they drilled for pin connectors or do they just accept spade lugs?

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Hi @dill, I kinda suspected as much. I haven’t found any images and the manual doesn’t say anything about anything but spades or a hook of some type. 


there are fairly high quality spade to banana adapters out there -- just google

not ideal as this introduces additional connections, but with some effort and proper coupling/tightening they can be made to work well enough

here are a couple examples, there are many others

@jjss49 Thanks for the pointers. $104 from Cardas? Ouch.

@68pete Thanks for the confirmation!

@testpilot Not an option as my two other amplifiers have 5 way posts and when I bought these cables (Morrow) I paid to have banana-type connectors put on.

I've been surfing around and have found several options. 

Happy listening.



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