Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area

I know we have many Milwaukee area Audiogoners, including several fine dealers. Is anyone interested in starting an Audio Club in Southwest Wisconsin? My interest is strictly 2 channel. It would be great to share our usually solitary hobby with fellow enthusiasts of music and equipment. If interested, please email me at
I am in Milwaukee... and would keep an eye open for any audio club to form.

Good to hear from you. i'm a bit surprised that I haven't heard from more audiophiles through Audiogon. I've received one other email. Any suggestions to get the word out? I was thinking I would ask our local retailers to participate. What do you think?
I joined the forums at NEWAS and seem to have found a decent group of Wisco audiophiles there- I think that i will probably join the Chicago Audio Society and be set from there... I think the size of the city really matters as audiophiles seem fairly few and far between these days. You should join NEWAS too...

@papermill and chris: I am a two channel guy in Milwaukee with new-ish Rega and vintage Sansui gear. Would be pleased to join should we get some critical mass...
Heya guys- I'd still be open to seeing if enough other folks would be interested... Until then, I've been working on the weekends at a shop in Wauwatosa that sells sine really nice gear. On the road for work this week- but will be there most Saturdays to chat audio if you feel like stopping by. Shop is Ultra Fidelis-

Maybe I'll see ya there...

... and then there were three...!
Plresults - thanks for your note.
I'm very familiar with Ultra Fidelis as I've purchased various items throughout these many years. Maybe we might meet and determine if, and how, we want to proceed. Chris, I'll plan on stopping by this weekend and say hello.
I might be interested as well. Relatively new to the area and off to a slow start finding much of an audiophile community. I'm a VPI, Aesthetix, Mcintosh & Magico guy.
And now four, it seems. The club mentioned in the stream above seems a bit inactive and a long distance from Milwaukee ie 2 hours drive. (However the fellow that wrote on their website the bit about using computers as music servers was quite interesting.) Seems like with 1.5 million in metro Milwaukee we can get something started closer to home :-)

Happy to get together once a month or so here in the area. I am a relatively new audiophile newbie, so I have lots to learn. I have two or three friends that might be interested, too -- but they like the A/V/TV stuff, whereas I am more focused on two channel stereo...
Hey Chris,

Good luck at Ultra Fidelis. Jon Spelt is the guy who really got me involved in high end from back in his days in the Chicago area, a really good guy!

Hi Rob, Yes, I think this is a great idea. Please let me know if you are still interested. Dave
You guys have another interested here. 
Was there ever any movement on this?

I would be interested too.  Maybe I’ll just call Chris.
But if anybody else wants to reach out feel free to respond or PM me.

Another interested party here, in Burlington, WI.  Add me to the list of Ultra Fidelis fans, Jon Spelt is a true ambassador of high quality audio, a dyed-in-the-wool music lover, and a genuinely nice guy to boot.  His patient demeanor and deep knowledge of all things audio set him apart in many ways and I am very grateful that I met him during my nascent years in this hobby.

August 2023

I have about a dozen friends who regularly get together for listening sessions.

Most have modest 2 channel setups, But a few have what you would call.

All out assault audio systems, 3,200 watt 4 way active. You know the type.

Including a few audio designers and builders.

Most can be found on sites like.

Audio Karma.

Steve Hoffman.

Super Best Audio Friends.


We have been looking for a larger venue 20 to 40 people to hold our get togethers at.

Milwaukee or suburbs for a bi-weekly meetup.

If you have some interest DM me and we'll swap emails to make contact.

In the mean time we just keep circulating amongst ourselves.

Keep it real.




Hello Michael,

I live in Madison, WI

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I live in NE Illinois and looking for an audio club to join. I was in CAS but had, well I never got any of their emails about meetings. Just not my style.

When I lived in Ann Arbor, MI I belonged to SMAC, the Southeast Michigan Audio Club. There was a meet every month at different members' homes. It was quite enjoyable listening, chatting, eating. Count me in then!

Any group like that?

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