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Mark Levinson No.26 Balanced Input Question
No. 26 was only available with either the balanced input or the phono input boards, not both. So, if yours has the phono board it does not have the balanced, even if it has the input jacks.Cheers,Wes 
Song With Best Beginning
Very good replies so far, I'll also add Black Sabbath's NIB for Geezer's awesome bass intro. 
Sirius radio quality vs redbook cd player
"05-14-12: Gz3827Also, if you have never subscribed to Sirius before, be aware that they are a nightmare to deal with if you decide to cancel (at least that was my experience and also the experience of a close friend).Gz3827 (Answers | This Thread... 
Zoethecus cones
Hey Lostbears, I'm going to give Skreich the first option on the cones since it's his thread but yes I do also have the z-slab. It's the square one 18 3/4 x 18 3/4. It did sustain some minor shipping damage (a couple of scratches on top, what look... 
Zoethecus cones
Hi, I happen to have a set of cones from a Zoethecus amp stand that was damaged in shipping. In all honesty though the spikes from the link that Roxy54 provided look a lot nicer. I would go with the 1.5" cones with 5/16" threads. If you really wan... 
Audible Illusions hiss
Sounds like your line level tubes are going bad. My 2D is pretty quiet. Roger at Music Reference has some robust and quiet tubes for a reasonable cost. 
zoethecus stand - what size cone feet?
The thread size is 5/16-18. 
zoethecus stand - what size cone feet?
Hi Pima,I happen to have a set of Zoethecus cones, pm me with an offer if you're interested.Wes 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area
Hey Chris,Good luck at Ultra Fidelis. Jon Spelt is the guy who really got me involved in high end from back in his days in the Chicago area, a really good guy!Cheers,Wes 
Cartridge for a vintage Sansui table/arm
Thanks guys. I picked the table up locally so I could spin some vinyl on a second system. It wasn't expensive and is in really unbelievable condition, at least cosmetically. I'll look into the Shure as it sure is in my budget :)Cheers,Wes 
Audio Physics Virgo II's; What amp?
I bought Virgo_ref's speakers (thanks Don) and really like them driven by a Music Reference RM-200.cheers,Wes 
Led Zep 45th Anniversary Shows at O2 in 2012
I know nothing of the Zep shows you speak of but they sound very cool! I do have to say that I enjoy your posts here more than most. I misread your user name the first time I saw it as “ Bong of Fury” and ever since I have some sort of anthropomor... 
Anybody heard or use the CAT Renaissance?
Gotcha, easy to mistake the two. Thanks also for correcting my errors in spelling and grammar, I’m stuck in a waiting room using my phone. 
Anybody heard or use the CAT Renaissance?
Funny my copy of EC's "Unplugged" doesn't have the trach Cocaine on it. 
Drilling holes into the Michell Orbe SE subchasis?
I took a quick look at my Gyro SE this morning and I'm assuming you plan on using a second Michell armboard in the spot where the motor is located. Moving the motor outside the "ear" shouldn't be a problem however there is another issue you might ...