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Tyr 2 vs Valhalla v2
Like others, adding the Vahalla 2 PC as the main feed to my QB8 made one of the biggest (non speakers) upgrades yet.  Like Timothy Glover I’m likely to buy an Odin1 as the main feed and move the V2 to my Esoteric NO1.   
The best speaker you ever heard?
Magico S5. I must admit I'm a huge Magico fan currently owning the V2's. This past weekend I had an extended listening session with the S5's, and have to say after 30 years in this hobby I haven't heard anything this good. In summary they have the... 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area
I might be interested as well. Relatively new to the area and off to a slow start finding much of an audiophile community. I'm a VPI, Aesthetix, Mcintosh & Magico guy. 
Personal speaker evolution
Radio Shack DIY,ADS 2ways, Linn Kans, Activ Linn Kabers; Wisdom Audio D75,then in 2010 bought the Magico v2. The V2's are another performance level. 
Personal speaker evolution
Radio Shack DIY, ADS 310(?), Linn Kans, Activ Linn Kabers, Wisdom Audio Adreneline D75 and now the Magico V2. 
My findings on Magico V2.....what now?
Love the Magico V2's. I listened to the v2's on a Krell intergated with about 5 min of setup at my dealers shop and was blown away! I didn't hear a speaker for a change, just a great musical performance. I ordered a pair after just 2 hours of list... 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Wisdom Audio D75, Infinity IRS, Snell Type AIII,Watt Puppy 5,Linn Keltik Acktiv, Martin Logan CLS 
What equipment do you most regret parting with??
CJ Walker J55 turntable...a poor man's Linn. Got swiped while in storage. 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
I'm in the market for the same kind of peformance at a similar price. Looking at the Cary 306 SACD and the Ayre 5xe. 
What has been your most satisfying component?
Aesthetix IO! Not even close. 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
The Aesthetix IO - After 25yrs in the hobby, it blew me away. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
In the 70's Snell typeA;80's Infinity IRS & Linn DMS;90's Watt Puppies fed by Wadia in Chicago Show; Now ??? 
What should I do with unwanted vinyl?
I'm Indy as well and would be very interested in you selection. 
$3-6K Source Upgrade: Digital vs Vinyl Again
If I may Howie,...Relax, and live a little! You won't go wrong either way. You can obviously afford a top tier digital front end for this kind of scratch. Same is true for the vinyl. Grab a couple of CD's and LP's and head out to the most user fri... 
What new gear will you be buying this year?
A Cary 303/300, Aesthetix Calypso and a Rotel 1090 for my LFR (Lows). A lot to do this year :-)