Analog Consultant in Milwaukee Wisconsin

I am moving to Milwaukee and need some set up work done on my turntable and cartridge. I have used Brian at Essential Audio for years to great effect but now will be 100 miles away. Any recommendations for a turntable guru that I might use in my new home city?
Use the "Search" tools on the higher traffic internet forums like Audio Asylum for any info you need.

Turntable/arm/cartridge setup is DIY.
Treeshot, I went to Marquette Univ. in Milwaukee for four years. I loved the city. Make sure you go to Kopps for the best custard. Cousins subs if still around are way better than subway. Enjoy your new home.
Speak with Jon Spelt at Ultra Fidelis in Wauwatosa. I no longer live there but Jon is very knowledgable and a great guy to deal with.
Teeshot, as you can see I have helped Loki1957 (twice) as well as others, including Flemke. Loki1957 wants me to fly out to Santa Fe to set up his rig when he and his wife retire out there next year. I've traveled to customers' homes on the west and east coasts to set up their turntable systems, included with their purchases.

I've done setups up in Green Bay as well, and when two or more people ask me to come up the extra mileage cost is shared, which makes what might be viewed as already reasonable even less. I know a guy on the east coast who charges $150 for the first hour and $100 per hour after that, assuming you're within say 20 miles of his place. I never time my work nor watch the clock, which tends to take two to four hours depending upon a variety of factors. And the base cost of the service can be applied to future analog purchases, which also include the service gratis. Maybe I'm too cheap. I have to admit a weakness for Kopps (and Oscar's) frozen custard but am glad I don't live closer :-)