Meitner Ma3 Streaming vs Aurender

Been researching for a dedicated streamer. I really like the Aurender line either the N200 or N20. I also plan to upgrade my DAC next. After reading a lot about the Meitner Ma3 it may be what I’m looking for. However the Meitner also has streaming capability as an added feature so do I go with the Meitner as a streaming DAC?  Is its streaming SQ  equal or better than a dedicated streamer such as Aurender?  I would loose the storage capability of the Aurender, the caching payback and a dedicated app. So I could go with an Aurender N 200 and the Meitner or just the Meitner. Unfortunately no way to compare these options. 
Anyone been down this road ?


Not heard either of these but wondering why you would choose both?  If you choose an Aurender as a source and want a Meitner DAC then get just a Meitner DAC without the streaming.  Or pick up the Meitner Ma3 or an Aurender A200 or A20 (which would cost about the same as the N200 and the Meitner Ma3 together). Why pay twice for the same functionality?  Personally, I like separate streaming source and DAC since it gives more flexibility.

I don’t want to have both unless there’s an advantage. If the Meitner streaming capability is equal to or better than the Aurender I would consider getting the Meitner. If not than I would get an Aurender without a DAC ( don’t like the DAC in the A series) and get the Meitner. 

I own Aurrender streamers and have compared some dual function DACs. In general, separate streamers are better… sometimes much better. Also, you have the option to upgrade independently. I can endorse the N200 as a great streamer. Aurrender only does streamers and they do them really well.

Good topic as I’ve been wrestling with the same issue. At or near the price point of the Meitner are the Weiss 501/502, the Bricasti M1 S2 with network card, and even the Mola Mola Tambaqui. 

Meitner Just emailed me that the MA1 V2 is not just the MA3 without pre amp, Networking and Display. Said the MA3 based on new platform and is higher performance DAC than MA1v2. So do I get:

M1v2 and an Aurender 

MA3 as DAC Streamer

MA3 and an Aurender 

An Aurender A series with a DAC 

I’m going to my dealer on Wednesday to audition the Aurender N200. I actually heard the A200 when I was auditioning my speakers blast month and it did sound good. But I know from a streamer perspective the N200 is supposed to be be better. 

Aurender makes great streamers, I love mine but Mytek Manhattan is a great dac that you can add a network card for great results. I don't hear enough about Mytek days on Agon much but have great reviews. 

Any reason you are limiting yourself to a Meitner DAC? If not, consider the N200 and some other brand of DAC. There are a ton of great DACs at the price point you are looking to spend. @drubin mentioned a few. There’s also Chord,Holo May, Denafrips, Lampizatot.


I’m not set on the Meitner. Just used as an example but I do like it. 

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I love my N200.   I went with Aurender because that's what they specialize in and they do it well.   

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Word has it that there might be some upgrades coming to the MA3, so take your chances. 

When I owned my MA3, I used its Ethernet Roon streamer and compared it with my Bricasti M5 using AES, and I slightly preferred the sound quality of the AES input with Roon.   It was close and I doubt I would have purchased a dedicated streamer if I just started with the DAC as it sounded excellent, its just the M5 sounded slightly better and made the value proposition of the MA3 not as good as I had hoped since I was planning on selling the M5 after purchasing the MA3.   I have no idea how the M5 compares with other more expensive streamers...

@jfrmusic I used the network card in the Bricasti M3 DAC and it competed with a $2000 Lumin U1 Mini. I then sold the Lumin and used the M3 as a Roon end point for a while until I tried the Aurender N200. The network card in a Bricasti is not on the same level and shouldn’t be…it’s a $1000 ad on. 
Point is…think of the optional built in network card as a feature to hold you over when you are between streamers. It’s not a substitute for a high quality dedicated unit.