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Kickstarter project
I took part in 4 Kickstarters. First was the Bluetti battery hoping to get off the grid for the phono front end. Was noisy so was a bad buy, but that’s not the point. Another kitchen gadget worked out fine. Second and third starters, never saw the... 
Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Being music driven, could listen to my favorite tunes on a transitor radio (almost).   
Does Every Track Sound Great on Your System?
Try a Charter Oaks PEQ-1. The worst recordings can be markedly improved, the best, maybe not so much if at all.   
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
Crazy Eddie, a great bait and switcher.   
The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?
Crazy Eddie     
Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line
@pdreher  I have, had exact experience with the N200 and iPad. Tuff to connect, can’t connect, lose connection after 10-20 minutes. Reboot iPad, reboot Aurender, reboot router. Took the iPad to Apple, said everything checks out, placed a service ... 
Help with XLR ICs.
@OP, Search recent threads on AES 48 standard. If your equipment supports the standard, differences between XLR cables may not make any difference at all. Mogami Gold quad core 2534 microphone cable maybe all you need. Atmosphere has addressed thi... 
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
I could be mistaken, but read that Sonore may have grabbed the reins? I remember mine were about a buck and made of carbon fiber.   
Rigid outlets for Heavy cables
Cablesupportplate by John Bring. Not sure if they are still around. Shunyata may make something similar. Much of the outlet strain is relieved.   
Dog pissed on speaker
POOPH, $14.99, harmless. Be aware, the dog will smell it even if you think the smell is gone and tend to repeat the action as they claim the territory.   
Acoustibloc also for under rug/carpet.   
@mkddm11, I finished a dedicated room last year and used isoblok to add mass. No experience with resilient channels although is was seriously considered. I had to keep noise in the room as to not disturb a medical student, then deal with the nois... 
Meitner Ma3 Streaming vs Aurender
Word has it that there might be some upgrades coming to the MA3, so take your chances.   
Cartridge Change Overhang Difference-Fixed Headshell
@wlutke , Was curious as to the practical performance implication of the 1/2mm difference other than those known about different null points. Thank you  
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
We cut the cam, Cliff Murray?