Luxman 509x or Simaudio 600iV2 with mágico A3.

Hi, I would like to hear from owners and members who owned A3 what is their experience on the right amplifier search.




I got to speak with Alon Wolf at length in person, and during the course of the conversation and unsolicited he said he really likes Hegel amps with his speakers so you might add them to your list. 

Thank you I had 590 before and wasn't my cup of tea.

The Hegel did not have the refinement Luxman and moon had.


I heard the A3 with the Mark Levinson 585 integrated. It was a really good pairing. I have heard the 509x and found it a little underpowered even with Harbeth. I have not heard it with the A3 which are likely harder to drive. I also felt the 509x was a cleaner sound than the Hegel integrateds and separates. The A3 seemed to like power based on how my single stereo Benchmark AHB2 sounded terrible with them.

I have owned 2 integrated amps that would be great with the A3. The CODA CSiB and the KRELL DUO XD 300i. I think a little warmth matches well with the A3.

I have heard the prior top end SimAudio gear, and I am not sure if it is a good sonic match with the A3.

I have owned a Luxman L-509u powering Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations speakers and more recently a Luxman L-595A integrated amp.  I own a Sim Audio Moon transport and have looked at some of their amps but have not had any in my system.

The Luxman build quality looks to be at a higher level than Sim Audio.  Not that Sim Audio is bad, just that Luxman is more refined.

I had the A3s with the 509x for a while. It is a good pairing. I never felt the amplifier was wanting in any way. It has good bass, is dynamic and somewhat exciting (not boring at all) and has good sparkly highs. I used Nordost cables with this pairing, fwiw.

I also had in my room with the A3s the JRDG Continuum S2 integrated, and also Primaluna 150 w/ch monoblocks.  These both were boring with the A3s. 

I had 590 before and wasn't my cup of tea.

Is it the 590AX or 590AXII? The latter is reported to be noticeably better.

Yes I meant Hegel 590.

I tried with several speakers and was dull power no finesse vs Luxman and moon.



I run 509x with S3MK1, same 88db/4 ohm rating.  At times I wonder what more current would sound like and at times I laugh out loud to myself just how good it sounds.  

FWIW the demo of 509x and A3 was all the talk of the FL audio show a few years back.  
Also FWIW used 509x is plentiful right now right around $6K, a bargain for sure.  

If people only knew how good A3 with 509x.

I have had several sound systems twice three times the price.

I just love this.


I haven't heard Luxman and Moon with Magico - though I have listened to them through Wilson.

I've been impressed with both.  My perception is Luxman has slight warmth compared to Moon.  

If I was you, I'd try to get an in home trial because I think the differences are preferences not quality and reliability.

Both amps are excellent.

You are right the 509x fil the drivers with a wider stage.

Moon still musical and warm but with a more dead background and more information.

Both amps work great now it is a matter of personal preference that I need a few hours of audition.

the krell or coda gear are both ideal the

Magicos benefit from a warm amplifier,


the coda csib sounded better then the Luxman and Hegel we had all three some years back the csib had the widest soundstage of the three.


Dave and Troy

Audio Intellect NJ