Looking for Recommendations: Best Wireless, Hi-Res, Closed Back, Over-the-ear Headphone

I would appreciate any opinions or thoughts...

I am looking for the best audio experience I can have, while not sacrificing too much convenience (I know, from everything I have read, it is a spectrum between the two). 

I currently have Tidal HiFi Plus running on either my Google Pixel 6 or my iPad Pro ('18).  I am looking for something I can travel and fly with, as well as use around the house.  

So far, the only one I can find is the Sennheiser Momentum 4.  

As a current owner of the Momentum 2 and 3, I am automatically drawn to this, however, before I just do an upgrade, I want to make sure I have touched all of my bases.  

If you have any product, setup, or other ideas, please let me know.  I am all ears!  


I suggest also considering the Mark Levinson 5909. Wireless, also has active noise cancelling.


Note that most Bluetooth connections actually use lossy compression (i.e. AAC) to deliver audio. See this link - What are Bluetooth Codecs?


Sony’s LDAC transmits up to 96 kHz / 24 bit PCM losslessly. The Mark Levinson headphones support this codec, as does your Pixel 6. The only question mark is the iPad Pro.

can you even buy wireless and hi-rez headphones? I didn't know they could transmit hi rez formats over Bluetooth yet. I'll have to take a look see. 

You will get much better sound with a wired pair of headphones.  By using the bluetooth connection you are not able to get the full high res experience.  

By using the bluetooth connection you are not able to get the full high res experience.

Not quite true.

When using Sony's LDAC codec over Bluetooth, you will get hi-res lossless PCM up to 96 kHz / 24 bit. Your hardware needs to support it, though.

Recently purchased a pair of B&O Beoplay HX headphones. Using the Bluetooth connection they sound, and look, wonderful to me. Very comfortable to wear and at $500, a real bargain IMHO. Recently tried them on a plane, the noise cancelling option works extremely well.

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