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How do I get a job as a headphone reviewer?
If I were you would go to and take a look around if you haven’t done that already. Headphones dedicated site that often times ask for reviewers, mostly voluntary, but still get you a foot in the door. Hope that helps.  
Searching for a little more warmth
I think Audio Note speakers would make an incredible difference in your system if they are to be placed in the corners of your room. That is the setup I run using the AN-E/LX HE SIG and the sound is amazing, I use a pair of Synthesis mono blocks t... 
What do you like to see included in a manufacturer's website?
Easy access to manual downloads.   
Customs delay from China. How long should I reasonably wait?
Relax.  Packages from China are being more thoroughly inspected due to counterfeit items and illicit drugs being sent to the US.  I have had packages caught in customs from China which the manufacturer has re-shipped that arrived months after the ... 
Florida -- Audio Equipment Movers?
I would ask my local shop if it is a service they offer. My local has delivered, and set up at my home, my speakers as well as my vinyl rig.    John   
Volti does it again!
Greg sounds like the kind of person I would enjoy doing business with.  Next time in Nashville I’m going to reach out for a demo.    John  
Sonnet Morpheus Owners! Preamp or Not?
I have run my Morpheus direct to my amps, Synthesis 98 mono blocks, and thru my preamp, synthesis 117DC. The preamp opened the soundstage, the music was more realistic, better details with better transients, and a warm engaging sound. I have the M... 
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
I would take a look at some Audio Note speakers, they are wonderful sounding with the sound characteristics your looking for, but it all depends what the front end of your system looks like.    
recommend PRAT Integrated amplifiers (not Naim)
Check out the Synthesis A40 integrated amp, has a fantastic DAC as well. I had one in my system, which I upgraded to synthesis mono blocks, wish I had kept it for another system. Happy to talk off-line if you have any questions about it. john  
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
As @mdalton posted, the Synthesis Roma 96DC is an excellent choice. I have had several synthesis amps, both integrated and mono blocks, and their warm, organic, engaging sound captivates me.   
Luxman leaves me wanting
Seeing the title of your post I immediately thought of the Synthesis A40 like @Larryi above.  I had the A40 powering a pair of Audio Note speakers whose specs are not far off from the Devores you are currently powering and it made them sing.  The ... 
Would you buy a pair of speakers by just looking at the measured freq. response?
My ears are the only measurement I need.   
Whats playing on your system today?
I’m listening to Garcia Grisman Alternate. Great recording with some fantastic acoustic takes on some classics. Highly recommend.  
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
My favorite open back headphone is currently the Amex Elite. For closed back I go back and forth between the Focal Stellia and the ZMF Verite Closed. I listen to headphones mostly in bed so I used my closed more than my open backed.    John  
Help Me Downsize My Travel Rig
I used to travel with music the way you did. When I bought a Sony WM1Z DAP the sound quality was night and day better, not to mention no need for the laptop, that I have not used my laptop since. I have more music than the storage capabilities of ...