LONG Speaker Cables- What Have You Tried That Doesn't Break the Bank?

Right now I'm using Anti-Cables and have zero complaints. The runs are 20-25 ft. This is strictly a 'I have to mess with something' because of no particular gripe. Long runs of well regarded cables are prohibitively expensive. Maybe the anti-cables are the cat's pajamas at these lengths... Stereo is in my living room, so moving the equipment closer is a no-go.

Belden 1500 series 10 ga from Blue Jeans is an outstanding economy cable for long runs. About $1 foot.  FWIW I use it .
I agree with the Belden - but only if there is no other recourse (such as putting amps close and running balanced interconnects - or digital, or wifi or anything really...)
Belden 10 or 12 awg is a solid choice.  Canare 4S11 is a fine choice as well, have both.
I had top silver Anti's...tried ClearDay cables and heard a revelation.  He'll send out a review sample for your evaluation for free....take advantage of that.
Canare 4S11 is a fine choice as well
+1...I use Canare 4S11 on my he-man rig and couldn't be happier.  Takes a lot of break-in time, but it's well worth it.  One of my all time favorite speaker cables.  Highly recommended!
Belden 5T00UP. 

Wouldn't you choose the same cable if it was a *short* run? :)