Logitech Squeezebox v7.9 works with Mac Yosemite

Well, I panic'ed after upgrading to Macintosh Yosemite and found that the Logitech Squeezebox Server (LMS) would not start.

Turns out that I was using the last official version from Logitech v7.7.3, but you need the latest user beta v7.9 to run on Yosemite. (I did not try v7.8).

See downloads.slimdevices.com and forums.slimdevices.com

BTW, have any of you found a good replacement for the Squeezebox Touch?

I still use it partly out of momentum but also, because (a) my two units synchronize beautifully - I can run two systems in two different rooms playing the same music - and (b) I am VERY pleased with the built-in DAC for bedroom use, while using a digital out to a higher quality DAC in the living room.

Interface is fine for my purposes (playing iTunes music database), IMHO, although it's better to drive it with an iPad using one of the apps.

I have 3 sb devices still plus have started to run plex as a possible replacement someday.
After posting this I heard about a company called Bluesound. Seems like they are ex-NAD people trying to fill the gap left by Squeezebox, and starting to get fine reviews and good retail exposure.

But with Squeezebox Touch working so well for me, I'm in a holding pattern.
Ps: here is URL of the LMS downloads for various platforms


It shows a list of latest v7.9 installs for various platforms.
Thanks for the heads up on this. I was able to find the upgrade to 7.9 and all is well.
I went from a Squeezebox Duet to a Sonos system and have been very happy. Less buggy than the Duet was, in fact pretty trouble free overall really. Sound quality is excellent I just have it in one room outputting to a Yamamoto Dac with fabulous results. As a bonus the new version of the Sonos Connect doesn't need to Bridge anymore so one fewer box to buy and deal with.
It has been mentioned often enough, the power supply is critical. In both my systems I still use the Touch with sw mods (a.o. Toolbox from soundcheck, 192kHz enabled,...) with a medical grade linear power supply topped off with modern Teflon capacitors and a decent power cord. Equals IME the PS Audio Perfect Wave.