has anyone heard Egglestonworks Savoy

or any other of their speakers?
Three days, and still no responses yet, huh?
Okay, I will give you my input to help you out, as best I can.

FYI, I have not heard the Egglestonworks Savoy speakers, but I do own
the Andra II speakers, and like them very much.

I figure the best thing I can do is to tell you which speakers I would
compare them to, which would be the Avalon Eidolon speakers. They
are both very transparent, and have very nice mid-range through treble
response. They both disappear from the soundstage very nicely, and
have excellent imaging. Both require a fair amount of power to get the
most out of them, (especially in the bass response area). And, both
were top notch speakers in their $20K price range, IMHO.

There are three big differences between the two speakers.

The first is in the aesthetics. The Eidolons have a really nice wood
vineer, (especially the birds-eye maple). The Andra II has a nice piano
finish on the woofer enclosure, and nicely polished granite sides on the
mid-range and tweeter enclosure.

The second is that the Eidolon is a ported speaker, (firing downward).
The Andra II, (unlike the original version and the newer Andra III), is a
sealed design.

And finally, the third difference is in the bass response. The Eidolon is
flat down to about 30 hz or so, and then rolls off. Whereas the Andra II
has a bit of a mid-bass hump, (that can be difficult, but not impossible
to tame). But to offset that, it goes down to about 20 hz, so it is a true
full range speaker, which is the reason I chose the Andra II to be honest.

I have happily lived with the Andra II for many years now, and see no
need to upgrade beyond it. And the only speakers I would want to
upgrade to are two to three times the cost, (which are Rockport

My two cents worth.
I hope that helped.
Good Luck in your search!
I own a pair of Savoys and like them. I am a soft dome tweeter guy. Back when I bought Savoys, I did not like the current diamond or metal dome tweeters. Only recently have I heard some which I like.
I've heard the old Savoys and Andra IIs, the black ones, before any other color was available. Both products were startlingly good--certainly enough so to satisfy the music lover for a lifetime.

The Savoy was much more difficult to drive than the Andra II and required a stout amplifier capable of dishing out plenty of current when called for. When the amperes were made available to the Savoy, it could sing with a beauty that few speakers at the time could match.