Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium - How quiet is it?

I’m looking seriously at this beast to power Spatial X5. Is it pretty quiet? Any LM-845P users out there experiencing any issues with hum or other noise? With 97db speakers, even a little hum could bum, bigtime. Any other informed thoughts on this pairing are also welcome. Thanks in advance.

My LM845 is quiet, now. However, six months into owning it, a loud hum developed. I sent it in for repair to their shop in AZ.(all under warranty, though I paid shipping $200 one way) It took four months to get parts. It's been working fine since (8 months or so). I really like it. At first, I had it mistakenly paired it with Harbeths (86db). They sounded great at moderate to loud levels, but lackluster at low levels. I now have Klipsch Forte IV (99db). Sounds great at low to earsplitting levels. No hum and it rocks! And terrific with all kinds of music.

@neptune123, glad it worked out!

@sbank , I ended up selling the LX-380 and buying a used MQ-300 to mate with the Cornwall IV, and I love the combo. Remarkably, its 8 SET watts are more than enough in my large room. Just a great amp.

I recently purchased an LM 845 premium. I like it a lot with my Tekton Encores.

Thinking about starting to roll some tubes. As I understand it the 12ax7 are the ones to start the ball with rolling. 

Any recommendations along with good places to purchase tubes would be greatly appreciated.

I have read that these should be on the list. What do you think and will these fit the Amp?


I have a LM 216 integrated. It’s a bit old now but I really like it. About 5 years into owning it a transformer went bad. I took it to my dealer and he sent it to the distributor for repair. This was pre-covid and I had it back in 60 days. I am pretty sure the loaner I picked out was a 219ia. Once fixed the amp was fine for another 4 years and going strong. The only noise I have heard was a NOS GE tube that went bad. Replaced it with another pair of NOS tubes. Right now its pushing, ironically, Tekton Double Impact SE speakers beautifully.